Let’s Talk Sweaters

So yeah, that happened. The featured image above is technically where my Flax Light was last weekend. Remember how I decided to try something crazy? Well, part of my new reckless approach includes *gasp* trying the sweater on - something I didn't do last time. So in the spirit of "a stitch in time...", I … Continue reading Let’s Talk Sweaters


Once Upon A Sock: Nice Ribbed Socks

Aaaand we're back to socks!!! You may have noticed that I've been a bit quiet of late, but that's because I finished my socks and I couldn't seem to write about anything else. The thing is that, my fearless co-knitters and I decided to make Once Upon A Sock a monthly sock check in rather … Continue reading Once Upon A Sock: Nice Ribbed Socks

Just in case the wheels come off…

It may surprise some of you to discover that I am the least organized person ever. Yes, seriously. It's something that by no means comes naturally and any organization that does, is purely out of my desire to be as prepared as possible.   It makes sense when you learn that I've lived in Earthquake … Continue reading Just in case the wheels come off…

FO Friday: Fairy Godmother Shawl

In case the rainbow explosion I received in the mail hadn’t been enough of a sign, I picked up the skein of Yarn Enabler's Sock Monkey at the bottom of the envelope and heard it say: Make me something marvelous, darling... Make me a lovely lacy shawl.   A couple of weeks back, I discovered … Continue reading FO Friday: Fairy Godmother Shawl

The Toolbox: A Reckoning

Remember when the post where I wished I had a Q or an Ollivander for knitting needles? Well, I ended up with something orders of magnitude better: an envelope full of rainbows from my very own Knitting Fairy Godmother!   Like all good Fairy Godmothers, Paula kicked off an epic adventure that changed my life … Continue reading The Toolbox: A Reckoning

Sock Thursday: or “Why are you playing with sticks?”

Ah Sunny September. For most, summer happens between June and August but for us Oakland folks, summer really kicks off in September. Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely still need a hoodie or a stylish scarf for when Karl (that’s right, our fog is so awesome he has a name) rolls in but it’s pretty … Continue reading Sock Thursday: or “Why are you playing with sticks?”