Let’s Talk Sweaters

So yeah, that happened.

The featured image above is technically where my Flax Light was last weekend. Remember how I decided to try something crazy? Well, part of my new reckless approach includes *gasp* trying the sweater on – something I didn’t do last time. So in the spirit of “a stitch in time…”, I got it onto some waste yarn (what a horrible term, there’s no need to waste that yarn, it will be socks later) and tried it on.

In retrospect, I should have seen it from the first -I mean how many pictures have I taken of this project? – but even after noticing in the mirror, I couldn’t place what was wrong exactly. The collar just looked… off. So I retraced my stitches and found that not only did I have the wrong number of them for the collar, but when I ripped back to the 1×1 rib, I started back up on the wrong place so everything was a bit crooked.


Don’t worry, I didn’t frog it on the spot. Instead, I grabbed a fresh cake of yarn and my US#0 circular needle and cast on once more.




I am looking at this as a teaching moment. I have the first draft with mistakes, from which I’ve learned some key lessons:

  1. Try the project on as you go
  2. Write out the number of stitches at each step rather ahead of time and check back in with the pattern.
  3. Keep track of said stitches.

It’s also a reminder to focus. When I’ve caught up to myself, I’ll start using the yarn from the first draft.


At first, I felt awful but as I soon as I cast on, I felt a bit better – or at least more confident and once I got through the 1×1 rib this time, I was excited again. I’ve got my Knitting Fairy Godmother to thank for that. I cast on using the US#3 circs she sent me and they are a perfect match for this yarn! I should also give a shout out to the awesome people at Fancy Tiger, who took the time to explain how knitting with circs longer than your project works while I was on vacation Denver, CO last year. I vow not only to return but to find at least one LYS whenever I travel.



I also went back and started the Psycop Series again and cued up Among the Living. The opening line still makes me smile:

Once upon a time if you told doctors you heard voices, they’d diagnose you as schizophrenic, put you on heavy drugs and lock you away in a cozy state institution to keep you from hurting yourself or others. 

Nowadays they test you first to see if you’re psychic.

This book is amazing. Not only is the main character just a regular guy – or as regular as it’s possible when you’re one of the first recognized professional Mediums, a cop, and are powerful enough to constantly be approached by ghosts -but the mystery is just the right amount of creepy to go with the epic amount of growth people do when something as simple as your partner retiring turns your world upside down. It’s good fun with a realistic male/male romance and a great new way to look at mental health. Yeah, that last bit caught me by surprise. People don’t automatically accept Mediums so not only does he get a lot of crap for his talent/curse but he’s has to come to terms with it himself – all while hunting down a serial killer who will challenge what he thinks he knows about himself.

If you’re interested you can get this directly from the author’s website if you, like me, want to avoid shopping at Amazon. I’d love to have folks to talk about this book with. I’m still toying with the idea of blogging about it as I get through this sweater, so let me know your thoughts.

But we’re here to talk about sweaters, so I’ll get back to that. I will say, that it may just be me, but Vic’s experience with his talent/curse make me think of myself as a knitter. Just when I think I know where I’m at with my skill, this sweater makes me re-evaluate and relearn knitting.

This is where I’m at now.


I think I’m about two-thirds of the way done with the raglan increases and so far, all the stitches match up. I’ve even tried it on, which is possible to do without taking it off the needles! How cool is that?!

I’m not going to lie, trying it on took the wind out of my sails a little bit. I have so far to go. That said, it looks great so far and I’m loving the neck line! I can’t wait until I get to the sleeves but in the mean time I get to enjoy curling up with this “Comfy” (that’s actually the name of the yarn I’m using) project on these super cold, dark winter nights.



6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Sweaters

  1. Wow! Once I finish my “First Cardigan”, I seriously want to knit a raglan sweater. I really like the neutral brown and it definitely looks cozy 🙂 I have this in my pattern library on Ravelry and I have added it to make next in my queue. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving! I’m enjoying my time with friends and family in Indiana 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you’re having a good time in the snowy wilds of Indiana! This year I’m being a wuss about the cold here so hats off for braving actual snow 😀

      This is a really fun sweater to knit and this yarn is as comfy as it’s name promises, so I almost don’t mind all the restarts – almost 🙂 Part of me wanted the sweater done yesterday because this girl needs layers stat! There’s a lot of coming and going from hot ovens to fun people’s houses and pies only warm you up so much 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I wish it were snowing here! I’ve only seen a few snowflakes so far and that was the weekend before last. Nothing that stuck. I hope to see some before it’s time for me to go home! I always love seeing it since I don’t get to in CA. My hubby has been telling me how cold it is in San Jose, so I’m sure that it’s even more chilly where you are 🙂 Good luck with finishing the sweater. I’ve been getting a couple of rows in here and there when I can; however nothing that I can really blog about so far.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m excited to see your sweater! I might take on a cardigan as a second sweater but let’s see if I can get through this one first. Though I really hope I get on a sweater kick – if it keeps going like this you might find snow when you come back!

          Liked by 1 person

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