The Toolbox: A Reckoning

Remember when the post where I wished I had a Q or an Ollivander for knitting needles? Well, I ended up with something orders of magnitude better: an envelope full of rainbows from my very own Knitting Fairy Godmother!


Like all good Fairy Godmothers, Paula kicked off an epic adventure that changed my life as I know it.


A couple of Fridays ago, my wife came home to find me surrounded by all the birch circular needles, cables, interchangeable needles I could wrap my head around. Oh and she didn’t stop there – there was gorgeous YARN!!!!

Once I got over all the happy tears and the skipping, I looked up at the wifey and said, “I can now knit all the things! ALL. OF. THEM!!!……….”

“Babe, did you brain just explode?”


“Would you like a cup of tea?”



As I drank my tea, I felt my mind shifting like a rubix cube.

First, as soon as I picked up that gorgeous skein of Sock Monkey, I knew I wanted this to be my first shawl, all I needed after that was a pattern that would do this gorgeous yarn justice. That took some doing – which was a good thing because the Missus and I have a deal: I am not a sports widow and she is not a craft widow. We’re pretty indulgent with one another, but as we haven’t had a ton of time to spend together and had a packed social calendar, it got a bit tricky. Then there were socks to keep up with, and my 2nd attempt at Flax Light so taking my time figuring out the shawl was okay (and a whole other post) –but a must because A) that yarn is irresistible and B) there was zero space for it in the Yarn Bin. So while I had this lovely shawl to knit, I couldn’t start because that lovely skein of yarn reminded me I had space to contend with.


As minimalists, we have a rule: For everything that enters the house, something must exit. Said rule didn’t even cross my mind – all I knew is that I had this amazing arsenal of tools with no home for them and this ushered in what I can only think to call: A Reckoning.

I brought out the Yarn Bin, the Project Bin (which had become a new yarn bin of late), my needle organizer, my new kit and rounded up my projects regardless of their status.

Somehow seeing all my tools gave me this new level of awareness, and suddenly, I knew exactly what I would and wouldn’t knit: whether it was a working with a particular yarn or working on a certain project I’d designated yarn for. Not surprisingly, I let go of almost all my synthetic yarn and in 15 minutes all my yarn fit in the one true Yarn Bin. After that it was pretty easy to sort everything by weight and project and I was done. I made nice cakes of everything else and put them in a box to go to a magical place called Creative Re-use.

The Project Bin once again only holds  the projects I’m working on and the yarn I’m using for them. This is making being a monogamish knitter a lot easier and best of all my lovey shawl-to-be has a home 🙂 Yes, this means I’ve started the shawl. I defy anyone not to try out those lovely interchangeables – and for those curious: they’re marvelous!!! They knit beautifully, allow me to keep good tension and they feel… warm and happy, that last bit has to be Paula’s mojo 🙂


The straight needles were next. I inherited a ton of needles a year back and I kept far too many. I had needles from US 0-15 each in different lengths and now that I have cables I don’t really all that. Some of you may be thinking: Where’s the minimalism in keeping any of them? Well to tell you the truth, I actually use them – often even. I simply prefer to cast on with them and a couple have sentimental value. For instance, I own (read stole) the needles I learned to knit on and nothing in the world would make me let them go…. Well short them being stolen by someone I taught to knit, I’m totally okay with that 😀  The culled needles were neatly sorted and went in the same box as the yarn. Now I have space for my new fixed circular needles in my needle organizer. This only left the interchangeables.



While those were all neatly sorted in their packages, they still needed a home and that’s when I turned to my bedside “table.” This is now my craft cabinet. The first left drawer has my straight needles, scissors and stuff like stitch markers, while the next drawer down has my cables and interchangeable needles. One of the tiny drawers even holds my nail polish and nail art stuff. I know it still needs some work, but I’m loving this massive toolbox and how everything is really accessible.



All that’s left is to catalogue everything with Ravelry….


Well, maybe after a bit of knitting 😉


[I know, I know pics of the Yarn Bin or it didn’t happen, but I’m saving those post Ravelry update.]


4 thoughts on “The Toolbox: A Reckoning

  1. Awesome! Your Knitting Fairy Godmother approves 🙂 Girlfriend, you are way more organized than I am. I wasn’t even thinking about your rule of one thing comes in, another comes out. I hope you didn’t lose anything that was important just because I got a little happy cleaning out my needle stash 😀 Isn’t that yarn gorgeous? I can’t wait to see which pattern you chose and how it turns out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I didn’t think of it either! I just thought about all my wonderful new tools needing a home and magically, I knew what to let go of. Your enthusiasm and awesomeness made it all the way north to my home and I was inspired to create the craft cabinet! It was brilliant! And got to let go of stuff I wasn’t using/needed clearing out anyway 😀 Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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