When is a WIP not a UFO?

The title isn't a rhetorical question - I'm really curious, especially as I try to figure out how to be better organized with my projects so that I can work as a monogamish knitter. Believe it or not, dropping everything to knit and block my first ever shawl was a key part in the complete … Continue reading When is a WIP not a UFO?

The Toolbox: A Reckoning

Remember when the post where I wished I had a Q or an Ollivander for knitting needles? Well, I ended up with something orders of magnitude better: an envelope full of rainbows from my very own Knitting Fairy Godmother!   Like all good Fairy Godmothers, Paula kicked off an epic adventure that changed my life … Continue reading The Toolbox: A Reckoning

Sock Thursdays Are Back!

Well, for me any way. Sock Thursdays have gone from Hannah, Paula and I, to a whole crew in my absence! Seeing everyone's socks last week gave me the biggest smile and it also made me a bit sad. I miss knitting socks but with all the craziness of surgeries, healing and not being able … Continue reading Sock Thursdays Are Back!

If you want to destroy my almost-sweater…

Too bad, I've beat you to it 😉 What took about 3 months to knit rolled into balls of yarn in about 30 minutes and the top is no more. Weirdly, I'm not the least bit sad.   Mind, I was really frustrated. Who gets such a crazy result after following a pattern to the … Continue reading If you want to destroy my almost-sweater…

We Can Rebuild Her. We Have the Technology..

... We can make her better, faster, stronger... I'd heard this line before but I had to go look up the reference. Turns out I mixed together Daft Punk and lines from a show dating back to the year I was born. But yeah, you read correctly: rebuilt.   After a lot of variables, re-injuries, … Continue reading We Can Rebuild Her. We Have the Technology..