Sock Thursday: The missing weeks.

What would happen if you realized that you only had two weeks left to be you?

I have to admit that even though I’ve been doing all the preparation to change my name, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind until two weeks ago today. Probably because it’s a bit melodramatic but it caught me off guard enough that I had to take a step back, and knit something to welcome this new legal entity into the world.


It’s a bit weird to say that for a good long while, I existed as three different legal entities given the way that people in my homeland do legal names, the inevitable re-naming/mix up that happens when you immigrate toΒ  a new country given the space on legal forms, getting legally married, and the weird world of nicknames becoming who you answer to/really identify as you exist in t he context of friends and family.

To put an end to that kind of chaos, we had to wait for gay marriage to be legal, for me to become a citizen and to save up some cash, and the time has finally come for me to legally be Maggie. In addition to all the prep and forms that goes into it, I felt like I had to clean the house and make everything nice for the new people that are going to be living here… It has this weird New Year’s Day kind of prep feel to it and it got me thinking:


What’s one thing that Maggie does that’s something on [Insert old legal name]’s bucket list?


The first thing I thought of was knitting a shawl and to make things interesting, I decided to add a knitting skill.


And this, dear readers, is why my socks are on hold until next week. I am almost done with the shawl and prepared to do all the work that comes after we get the okay from the judge but there areΒ  weirdly a billion more things to get to on this last day before becoming Maggie.




12 thoughts on “Sock Thursday: The missing weeks.

    1. Thank you – we’re already married though πŸ™‚ This is just us finally being able to legally change our names, since our marriage is legally recognized and a bunch of other legal stuff is out of the way πŸ™‚


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