Just in case the wheels come off…

It may surprise some of you to discover that I am the least organized person ever.

Yes, seriously.

It’s something that by no means comes naturally and any organization that does, is purely out of my desire to be as prepared as possible.


It makes sense when you learn that I’ve lived in Earthquake Country all my life and more sense considering that I’m slowly emerging from a serious leg injury and the subsequent surgery said injury required. Not being able to walk on my own for over a year and dealing with crazy levels of pain mean that there are now contingency plans for contingency plans and that’s not only extended into my knitting but has knitting as an integral part of the process.


A week or so ago, I got an email from my surgeon reminding me it was time for a 6 month check in and that I needed to work my leg to exhaustion so she could get an idea of where I was even at my worst. This wasn’t a problem. As I’ve gotten stronger and more confident, I’ve doubled my step count and started working out at the gym in addition to regular physical therapy. Working to exhaustion however means that I am out of commission for a week following, which in turn means setting everything up so that I’m good and ready to go to there both mentally and physically.


And that’s where knitting is key.

The day after the appointment, I was knitting away at a fairly simple lace pattern and I kept making mistakes. I put that down and went for my socks, but I couldn’t focus on that either and dropped some stitches. When my wife heard me curse for the fourth time, she asked me if I was in pain and it took me a while to realize I was actually in a lot of pain if I couldn’t keep a ten stitch repeat in my head. It was more than a bit disturbing. Somehow I’ve waaaay upped my pain tolerance and now anything below aΒ  Level 6 doesn’t register and/or is easy to ignore – unless my knitting lets me know it’s time to get the ice, meds, and action movies going.


I was in the middle of one of the Resident Evil films when I realized I’d completely missed the reveal for Once Upon A Sock! I mean, I didn’t have a ton of sock progress given that schedules got crazy and I had to rip back a fair bit when I dropped stitches, but still… I felt awful, especially when my awesome co-knitters put forth such amazing posts. I’ve linked to Katherine’s above, but you should absolutely go check out Paula’s to learn more about our new monthly sock check in.


My brain is still a bit all over the place, but in the spirit of check in with y’all and staying somewhat on top of things, here is where I’m at with knitting. Thanks to some over the top organization and posts about it, everything was easy to find and access, so I guess the all the prep paid off πŸ™‚ To keep from making this a cheater post about socks, I’ll just stick to pictures of what’s on my needles right this minute. Then it’s back to R.I.C.E and action movies πŸ˜‰



Zig Zag Lace Prayer Shawl – because hospitals are chilly places.
The first 5 days of Mood Scarf



UFOs: Projects I’m still excited about but have taken an extended break from for whatever reason. Break is over, but I did want to acknowledge these got put down for a while.

I can’t believe it’s been a month!
I might frog this and start over to make sure my tension is even throughout.


Not pictured but worth mentioning is the cowl I took on my trip to Denver. Before I had the idea of postingΒ  a Current Projects Options of sorts, I decided that I had one too many projects going and frogged it to yarn once more.





4 thoughts on “Just in case the wheels come off…

  1. Girl, you need to rest that leg! I’m a baby when it comes to pain. How did your follow up appointment go? I hope everything is healing well…I think it might be since you have been taking walks and going to the gym.

    Is the yarn for your sweater acrylic? If it’s natural fiber, any tension issues might work itself out through blocking. It’s good to see your mood scarf going again too. I remember that from last year πŸ˜€

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    1. For real! I’ve been pretty good about that once remembered I could take pain meds, since I can’t do much whilst on them πŸ™‚ I totally get it, I’m the biggest wuss ever when it comes to pain below the knee – I’m not kidding, when people tell me about their surgeries and injuries me legs go weak and my stomach flips – but I have weirdly gotten accustomed/able to consciously ignore to this particular kind of pain. It doesn’t make any sense to me, so I’m trying to be super careful.

      The good news is that my surgeon is super pleased with my progress! I have a pretty good range of motion and am headed back to my previous flexibility. Muscle strength is good but there is still a loooong way to go. She said it would be a year from the date of surgery for the inflammation to vanish entirely and for me to be as strong as I was before.
      It gets better but slowly – but its going to be fun. I won’t be able to take up rock climbing, or skateboarding but it turns out I’ll be able to dance way before then. In fact some dub step moves and gliding are natural extension of my physical therapy and once my leg forgives me, I get to slooooowly start to learn some of those steps in addition to swimming. I’m hoping this kind of thing helps keep the mood scarf cheery, I’m still amped about starting this again, I really missed it.

      The yarn for the sweater is cotton, so I think I’ll take it down to the ribbing and then start the increases over. I get to start all of that once I turn the heel on this sock. I’m determined to get it done before another month goes by! πŸ˜€

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      1. That is super good news! I understand about pain meds. I was on some serious doses when I was going through issues with sciatica and herniated discs in my back and then through and after back surgery. The meds literally made me sick to my stomach so I had to take anti-nausea medicine too. All I wanted to do was lay around watching tv and sleeping.

        Just do whatever feels right and don’t worry about thinking you have to knit to catch up to some deadline. I’ve had to let go of that kind of thing myself. I want to knit so bad; however I’ve had a setback and need to learn that my job takes priority over my knitting. Your physical therapy sounds like lots of fun!

        BTW, I totally forgot to tell you that I am definitely one of those that would not believe that you are totally disorganized πŸ˜€

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        1. LOL! I had a feeling few people here would believe me. I’ve gotten plenty of “If you were as organized with [insert basic thing here] as you are with you knitting you wouldn’t be in this mess” comments over the past couple of months though πŸ™‚

          It’s all about cheesy action movies when I have to deal with doses like that. It wasn’t too bad this time, (which is good because I’m out of the anti-nausea stuff) but I still couldn’t do much. I like to knit – or wish I could knit – during those times because then I feel like I actually did something with my day, but I know I need to remind myself that I’m healing – and that’s definitely something.

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