Let’s Talk Sweaters

So yeah, that happened. The featured image above is technically where my Flax Light was last weekend. Remember how I decided to try something crazy? Well, part of my new reckless approach includes *gasp* trying the sweater on - something I didn't do last time. So in the spirit of "a stitch in time...", I … Continue reading Let’s Talk Sweaters

Just in case the wheels come off…

It may surprise some of you to discover that I am the least organized person ever. Yes, seriously. It's something that by no means comes naturally and any organization that does, is purely out of my desire to be as prepared as possible.   It makes sense when you learn that I've lived in Earthquake … Continue reading Just in case the wheels come off…

The Swatches: This time it’s personal

Despite the many warnings about the fickle nature of swatches from my amazing fellow knitters, I went all out this time around. I have measurements from: fresh-off-the-needles swatches, wet swatches, and blocked swatches. And I have an answer - well sort of. I have some choices to make.   On the one hand, I had … Continue reading The Swatches: This time it’s personal

First Quarter Crescent: Three Months of Mood Scarf (Finally!)

August 20th marked the three month anniversary of the Mood Scarf! I'm officially a quarter of the way through this project and though I fell behind on my knitting for the firs time, I'm still really excited about the project. From the start of the project, I've enjoyed spending some time reflecting on my day, … Continue reading First Quarter Crescent: Three Months of Mood Scarf (Finally!)

WIP(s) Wednesday

I got a lovely update from Hannah yesterday. I'm glad she's getting settled in after a big move and... well that she'd also rediscovered a hibernating knitting project and got swept up in that rather than knitting socks 🙂 Perhaps this is why I put off organizing the Yarn and Project Bins for so long... … Continue reading WIP(s) Wednesday