Sweater Chicken

After taking a break, I am solidly back to knitting my very first sweater: Flax Light. It's not so much that I had to walk off that first failed attempt but that as a scientist, I'm not accustomed to dealing with that many variables. I found out the hard way that things knit out of … Continue reading Sweater Chicken

Caspian Fixed Circular 16″ Birch

After numerous re-starts and a whole lot of swearing, I managed to get stitches onto fixed circular needles in a US 0's and get well on my way to finishing up the collar for my Flax Light. It was a bit rough on my hands, awkward but it was happening and I was pretty stoked! … Continue reading Caspian Fixed Circular 16″ Birch

The Swatches: This time it’s personal

Despite the many warnings about the fickle nature of swatches from my amazing fellow knitters, I went all out this time around. I have measurements from: fresh-off-the-needles swatches, wet swatches, and blocked swatches. And I have an answer - well sort of. I have some choices to make.   On the one hand, I had … Continue reading The Swatches: This time it’s personal

If you want to destroy my almost-sweater…

Too bad, I've beat you to it 😉 What took about 3 months to knit rolled into balls of yarn in about 30 minutes and the top is no more. Weirdly, I'm not the least bit sad.   Mind, I was really frustrated. Who gets such a crazy result after following a pattern to the … Continue reading If you want to destroy my almost-sweater…

The Blog Post Curse

*Coughs while clearing a path through the cobwebs* I swear I still exist but as the title of this post alludes, I had to maintain the kind of radio silence labs use when they are on the cusp of securing a patent. See the proto-sweater above? I started this on May 1st as my very … Continue reading The Blog Post Curse