Sweater Chicken

After taking a break, I am solidly back to knitting my very first sweater: Flax Light. It's not so much that I had to walk off that first failed attempt but that as a scientist, I'm not accustomed to dealing with that many variables. I found out the hard way that things knit out of … Continue reading Sweater Chicken

Once Upon A Sock: Nice Ribbed Socks

Aaaand we're back to socks!!! You may have noticed that I've been a bit quiet of late, but that's because I finished my socks and I couldn't seem to write about anything else. The thing is that, my fearless co-knitters and I decided to make Once Upon A Sock a monthly sock check in rather … Continue reading Once Upon A Sock: Nice Ribbed Socks

FO Friday: Fairy Godmother Shawl

In case the rainbow explosion I received in the mail hadn’t been enough of a sign, I picked up the skein of Yarn Enabler's Sock Monkey at the bottom of the envelope and heard it say: Make me something marvelous, darling... Make me a lovely lacy shawl.   A couple of weeks back, I discovered … Continue reading FO Friday: Fairy Godmother Shawl

Sock Thursday: Or How Self Striping Yarn Saves The Day

A week ago I was almost convinced I that I'd be Kitchenering up the second of two socks and be tip toeing through the our tiny place in a brand new pair of socks. Yes, new socks require tip toes and a great deal of care on hard wood floors but also, I just learned … Continue reading Sock Thursday: Or How Self Striping Yarn Saves The Day

Caspian Fixed Circular 16″ Birch

After numerous re-starts and a whole lot of swearing, I managed to get stitches onto fixed circular needles in a US 0's and get well on my way to finishing up the collar for my Flax Light. It was a bit rough on my hands, awkward but it was happening and I was pretty stoked! … Continue reading Caspian Fixed Circular 16″ Birch

Sock Thursday: Home Coming

In three days, it will be my 1 year anniversary of finishing my first ever pair of socks! I could not have done it without the support and encouragement of my awesome co-knitters Hannah and Paula and all the fabulous folk that commented, sent me tips and just talked shop with me as I knit. … Continue reading Sock Thursday: Home Coming

The Swatches: This time it’s personal

Despite the many warnings about the fickle nature of swatches from my amazing fellow knitters, I went all out this time around. I have measurements from: fresh-off-the-needles swatches, wet swatches, and blocked swatches. And I have an answer - well sort of. I have some choices to make.   On the one hand, I had … Continue reading The Swatches: This time it’s personal