Once Upon A Sock: Nice Ribbed Socks

Aaaand we're back to socks!!! You may have noticed that I've been a bit quiet of late, but that's because I finished my socks and I couldn't seem to write about anything else. The thing is that, my fearless co-knitters and I decided to make Once Upon A Sock a monthly sock check in rather … Continue reading Once Upon A Sock: Nice Ribbed Socks

FO Friday: Fairy Godmother Shawl

In case the rainbow explosion I received in the mail hadn’t been enough of a sign, I picked up the skein of Yarn Enabler's Sock Monkey at the bottom of the envelope and heard it say: Make me something marvelous, darling... Make me a lovely lacy shawl.   A couple of weeks back, I discovered … Continue reading FO Friday: Fairy Godmother Shawl