Sock Thursday: The missing weeks.

What would happen if you realized that you only had two weeks left to be you? I have to admit that even though I've been doing all the preparation to change my name, the thought hadn't crossed my mind until two weeks ago today. Probably because it's a bit melodramatic but it caught me off … Continue reading Sock Thursday: The missing weeks.


The Toolbox: A Reckoning

Remember when the post where I wished I had a Q or an Ollivander for knitting needles? Well, I ended up with something orders of magnitude better: an envelope full of rainbows from my very own Knitting Fairy Godmother!   Like all good Fairy Godmothers, Paula kicked off an epic adventure that changed my life … Continue reading The Toolbox: A Reckoning

Sock Thursday: or “Why are you playing with sticks?”

Ah Sunny September. For most, summer happens between June and August but for us Oakland folks, summer really kicks off in September. Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely still need a hoodie or a stylish scarf for when Karl (that’s right, our fog is so awesome he has a name) rolls in but it’s pretty … Continue reading Sock Thursday: or “Why are you playing with sticks?”

Sock Thursday: Or How Self Striping Yarn Saves The Day

A week ago I was almost convinced I that I'd be Kitchenering up the second of two socks and be tip toeing through the our tiny place in a brand new pair of socks. Yes, new socks require tip toes and a great deal of care on hard wood floors but also, I just learned … Continue reading Sock Thursday: Or How Self Striping Yarn Saves The Day

Caspian Fixed Circular 16″ Birch

After numerous re-starts and a whole lot of swearing, I managed to get stitches onto fixed circular needles in a US 0's and get well on my way to finishing up the collar for my Flax Light. It was a bit rough on my hands, awkward but it was happening and I was pretty stoked! … Continue reading Caspian Fixed Circular 16″ Birch

Sock Thursday: Home Coming

In three days, it will be my 1 year anniversary of finishing my first ever pair of socks! I could not have done it without the support and encouragement of my awesome co-knitters Hannah and Paula and all the fabulous folk that commented, sent me tips and just talked shop with me as I knit. … Continue reading Sock Thursday: Home Coming

Sock Thursdays Are Back!

Well, for me any way. Sock Thursdays have gone from Hannah, Paula and I, to a whole crew in my absence! Seeing everyone's socks last week gave me the biggest smile and it also made me a bit sad. I miss knitting socks but with all the craziness of surgeries, healing and not being able … Continue reading Sock Thursdays Are Back!