Welcome to my (mis)adventures (re)learning crafts – and learning to blog 🙂

I learned to crochet and to cross stitch when a kid but ended up getting distracted after a few projects.

Two decades later, the crafting bug bit hard and I found myself re-learning previous skills and trying new ones such as knitting. Then I got distracted by chemistry (green organic synthesis, hence the green flask) and though I still crafted, I noticed that every time a project wasn’t a gift, I allowed myself to let it lapse – or worse still, wouldn’t start it. I had a ton of projects pinned on Pinterest and more of them queue up on Ravelry but I was kind of intimidated, so I started this blog to become more accountable to my projects and inspiration.

Right now, most projects are knitting, but I have some really gorgeous handkerchiefs waiting to be embroidered, napkins waiting to be made + personalized and I’m about to crochet my first sweater. Stay tuned as I try to keep crafts from taking over our tiny Oakland  apartment…

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