Caspian Fixed Circular 16″ Birch

After numerous re-starts and a whole lot of swearing, I managed to get stitches onto fixed circular needles in a US 0’s and get well on my way to finishing up the collar for my Flax Light. It was a bit rough on my hands, awkward but it was happening and I was pretty stoked! Why? Well first, the wonderful folks at TinCanKnits got back to me about my needle size question and the needles I ordered were going to work perfectly! That and those things are TINY. Here’s some perspective: those massive looking needles in that picture are US 3’s.


I was on the final row of the collar and then this happened.



Yup. Not one week old and now they’re gone.

I was devastated.

The missus took one look and poured a bit of bourbon, softly explaining that it was going to be okay. She’s right of course but it took a good long while to get over it and carefully tink that last row to the beginning, only to start the sloooooow transfer to the US 3’s. Some stabbing and scratches later, it was done and I could breathe a bit easier.

Or I did until I got really angry about it.

This is the exact reason I was dead set against fixed circulars in the first place. If anything happens to the needles or the cable, then you’re pretty much screwed – and it’s the waste element that bothers me. The folks at KnitPicks were really nice and agreed to replace them with nickle needles ASAP, so I felt a bit better but I can’t help but wish that the needles were interchangeable AND recyclable at the very least. Part of why I’m knitting my own tops is because I believe it’s time I have more ethical and environmentally friendly clothing and the needles breaking aren’t helping the overall foot print of this garment. Sorry, rant over.

So US 0 fixed circular needles in birch: No, no, definitely not.


Leonor was right. This is going to be quite the journey and for all the world, I wish there was an Ollivander for knitting needles. Better yet, I wish I could walk down a long hall and through doors requiring retina scans before I could get to Q.

Maggs, you are going to be facing an equally delicate and vengeful silk blend, which though the best material for that cardigan, allows for zero error. But not to worry. We’ve developed these titanium needles, textured by lasers to control the slide of the fabric at the nano level. They should also prove useful if you run into enemy agents. Blood will slide right off and the cable will return to the desired length. Good luck and do try not to stab yourself as you did with the birch set.

Image result for q bond please return the equipment in one piece


There’s a silver lining, in that I get to try nickle circulars before I have to venture into other brands and other materials. I wonder if there are brands with interchangeable needles in the 0-3 range, and if there is such a thing as a more environmentally friendly cable…


Also, the needles were kind enough to wait until I’d finished the collar to fall apart. I’m on the threes now and starting on the raglan increases so yeah, the sweater will go on! I’ll be okay without the US 0’s until it’s time for the sleeves πŸ™‚







15 thoughts on “Caspian Fixed Circular 16″ Birch

    1. I hate that anyone else has gone through that 😦 I mean, it makes sense, needles are not immune to danger but it’s still horrifying. It’s right up there with a wrench breaking for me.
      You’re absolutely right though. I am far more stubborn than this sweater and it’s going to happen. Maybe even in time for sweater weather πŸ˜€

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    1. OMG! Aren’t they though! I was a bit shocked they are actually a thing!
      I’ve tried my hand at both interchangeables and fixed and they feel about the same. Sometimes the join isn’t smooth and in the case of smaller needles, it’s a bit thicker than the needles, so it’s still not super comfortable…. I’m not giving up though. I’ll either find some sort of circular I like soon, or simply invest in 12″ DPNs, which aught to do the trick and are the least prone to waste.

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        1. Crap. Sorry about that – I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad.Part of this is my being so over our disposable culture. The other part is having friends who inherited shop tools from their grandparents that still work and work better than the stuff I’ve bought new. I’d like to own more things that last generations like that.

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  1. Oh no! I feel so bad that your first experience with circulars has turned out so bad! 0’s are teeny, tiny and I’ve heard of others that have broken their wood ones when working with needles that small. I’ve only used metal needles when working with the 0-3 size. I was looking in my needle case at the needles I don’t really use anymore to see if I had some; however the smallest I have are 2’s and 3’s in the fixed and they are wood. KnitPicks is wonderful about replacing items that have broken and I hope you are happy with the nickel replacements. Big hugs!

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    1. The folks over at KnitPicks have been awesome and though these were a more dangerous experience than I usually care for, I’m not scared off that easily πŸ™‚
      You are beyond awesome! Thanks for trying to hook me up! I have some Chai Goo (sp?) in US 6 to knit with but given my gauge with the plant fibers, that might be a ways away yet.

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      1. I lurve my ChiaoGoo’s! I have the interchangeable sock set in sizes 000 through 1.5 and the Red Lace interchangeable set in sizes 2 through 15. I purchased extra cords too and I’m ready for pretty much anything with these two sets πŸ™‚ I even have two sets of fixed 24 inch size 1’s and 2’s lace ChiaoGoo for knitting socks two at a time on two circulars. Then on top of that, my husband bought me the interchangeable set of HiyaHiya’s last year for Christmas. So, now I really am set for anything that I need.

        I think I found out pretty early on that I prefer the metal needles for most knitting. Although I do love my 16″ set of fixed bamboo circulars that I use for hats, as well as my bamboo DPNs. I might have to gather up the interchangeable set that I don’t use anymore and send it to you. Although that may hurt your minimalism style πŸ˜€ I have the Knit Picks Rainbow Wood set in sizes 2-15 with various cord lengths.

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        1. Girl, if there is ever a knitting zombie apocalypse, I am headed over to your place πŸ˜‰
          So there ARE interchangeables for tiny sizes! Oh, I am so getting those in the future. And I’d welcome the chance to try new needles. I’m trying to temper my hyper minimalism with the realistic need to have a good tool box. Even my wife has gotten on me about that and she’s more of a minimalist than I am! If I like the needles, that’s brilliant, I’ll just find a home for all the other needles I won’t be using and if not, then I pass them on. No clutter, zero waste and lots of happy knitters. Oh and pie.

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          1. LOL…yep, my place is pretty set and I think we’d probably have a lifetime supply of yarn too πŸ™‚ Send me an email at pkcacciola at gmail dot com with your address or a message on Ravelry and I’ll send them to you! It helps me to declutter and I’ll be so happy to know that they’ve gone to a good home. I know plenty of people who love knitting with them. They are warmer than metal and they slide pretty well too. I haven’t had any issues with yarn catching on the cords, so it is a good set.

            BTW, the ChiaoGoo sock set is teeny tiny. It takes up barely any room at all. This is what they look like (be forewarned…they are expensive!):

            I bought mine for a little less than that on eBay.

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            1. LOL! I think yarn will be highly prized during the apocalypse, but hopefully, I can get it by trading with tea and booze (people keep gifting us booze, which is fine by me, its great currency even now).

              Thank you, I’ll send you an email STAT. While this whole incident has me thinking I’ll be switching to metal for anything smaller than a US 2, I just can’t see being a metal kind of knitter.

              Those ChiaoGoo are actually kind of adorable. I’m not sure what I’d need the 000 or 00 for but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. That said, this is waaaay more money than I have to spend on kit so I might get them to celebrate being able to do 10K steps/day.

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