Skeins on A Plane: The Ending…

Hi all! It’s been an age, I know, but I am very much alive and (finally) well, by which I really mean “alive and knitting away,” because: priorities.


Denver was a blast. It was cold, I found The Fancy Tiger (the best ever LYS) and my mojo. Yup, it had taken off to Denver and it was hiding away among the yarn and though the knitting helped, being able to get along in a brand new city despite my mobility issues really did the trick. I was feeling amazing when…

I caught whatever was going around in Denver. Fortunately, it was on the last day – well sort of, I mistook the warning signs for  travel exhaustion but nope, I was sick for real.  Not to be out done, whatever virus is going around Oakland hit me as soon as it saw a chance, so that was another week gone and here I am, still not done entirely done with this cowl.


In Denver, I got reacquainted with being a monogamous knitter. After all that deliberation, sadly left the second project bag on the couch as I juggled coat, bag and crutches. So it was all  Bev Cowl,  all the time, much to my unexpected delight. I’ve missed knitting this way. While working several projects at once makes me hyper aware of the function of the stitches and how the patter works, I’ve lost a bit of the magic of creating something new. It’s like having to read more than three stories at once – it’s entirely possible and in the in-between consciousness between the stories is a great place for creation and insight, but it isn’t as fun. And by fun I mean, sillyly spontaneous (yes, that is now a word), for instance,   this is the first time, I ended up playing yarn chicken. I was pretty sure I had enough yarn but I was seriously gambling with how much I took (enough) and how much of the yarn I had over all since this is a stash busting kind of project. The yarn is worsted but that’s about all that it has in common with the pattern’s instructions, so that was kind of a gamble too.


Above is the picture that inspired me to make this cowl.

Well, it made me want to rock a cowl like this and then the new birch DPNs were the perfect size, so I took that as a sign. I have to admit I was freaking out a bit when I got to the airport but customs didn’t even ask me to take them out of the project bag. I’m not sure if this is because I went through a separate security gate since I was in a wheelchair but everyone was pretty cool on the way over, which was awesome because I was seriously freaking out about flying injured and my knitting. People were super nice and combined with my knitting that calmed me down to enjoy the flight over.


Denver was all things fall. It was cool and crisp, rainy and I have never enjoyed knitting so much! We would go out around town and when the wifey needed to enjoy their bike share and other city planner type things, I got to hang out at a cafe and knit. I even got to knit a bit at Red Rock before it started to rain. It was lovely 😀


OMG Maggs, how are you still not finished with that cowl if that’s the only thing you took?


I can actually say that I am savoring this knit. Yeah, its challenging enough that I have to think about it and there have been mistakes but mostly I don’t want this project to end. It feels really that amazing. Which is a good thing since I am slightly tempted to start over. Why? Well, it isn’t as drappey as the picture above when I put it on and I’m thinking that I may have knit too tightly in addition to using a different kind of yarn… I don’t know.

Just finishing up the rib.

Part of me thinks that steam blocking might be the answer. I don’t actually want to start over, but I do want to be able to use it like it is in the picture and maybe blocking will loosen thing up? What do y’all think?


If I do have to start again, I think I’ll contemplate buttons and a bit less of the rib for the top.


17 thoughts on “Skeins on A Plane: The Ending…

  1. I can tell you that steam blocking my last acrylic project definitely helped with width and length. I really like the pattern and it looks like you are super close to finishing! I hope you are feeling better. I got sick the week before last and was praying I would be better by the time I got on a flight to come to Indiana for three weeks. Thank goodness I did! I can’t imagine flying sick. Congrats on getting your knitting mojo back 🙂

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    1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you were sick as well, but soooo glad you were well enough to go enjoy some winter 🙂 I’ve never been that far east but if Denver was anything to go by, the hols must be lovely!
      I’m on the mend and back in the needles. While I am starting over (after taking the pictures above I realized I’m missing about eight rows and that this is part of why the fit is off >_<) you've convinced me to block once I'm done. I'm actually really excited about it 😀

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      1. I was working on a cowl for my SIL and needed the needles for a cowl for my Aunt. I realized that I messed up about 7 rows (seed stitch) and am going to try to drop down the rows before frogging back to the last correct row. I feel your pain! I’m glad to hear that you are starting to feel better 🙂 It’s been cold here and goes between rainy and sunny. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow…woo hoo!

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        1. Nooooooo! Seed stitch is a beast to rip out, I’m sorry 😦 Safety line(s), safety lines, safety lines. I know you’re the one that introduced me to them, but now I’d never rip anything back without one 🙂
          OMG! I’m so excited about your prospect of snow! Possibly because I’ve never had to shovel a driveway, but still, it’s the perfect knitting weather! And if it’s sunny, you can go out and play in it…. Yes, I am 37 and I just said that but: snow!!! 😀

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          1. LOL…I’m 46 and still get excited about it 🙂 It snowed here in Columbus, IN while we were gone to Ashland, KY, but was gone by the time we got back. We saw a few flurries in Ashland the morning we were driving back. Hopefully I will see more while I’m here. I still haven’t ripped back yet and didn’t think of using a lifeline on such a simple pattern 😦 I’ll let you know how it goes!


            1. I just realized I never let you know how it went! I was able to work in pattern up to the mistake and drop each stitch down to where I had reversed the stitches and work it back up in the proper stitches. It was actually 8 stitches and 7 rows down. I’m so proud of myself for getting it done and done right 🙂

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    1. Thanks, it’s wonderful to be back – I hella missed you guys 🙂

      Unfortunately, when I re-read my post the pictures started to bother me, and so I checked my work against the pattern and sure enough, I have like eight rows missing throughout the cowl >_< So while I did rip it out, I'm definitely blocking it as soon as it's done! I'm really excited about blocking an item for the first time and I hope I can get away with using towels and safety pins for now…

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  2. Sorry to hear you’re having such a rotten run of health issues. Blocking really does work magic, so fingers crossed it should help your cowl. A gorgeous project. It’s interesting to find you comparing knitting to books, I think there are so many parallels. I wonder if there are in other crafts too?

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    1. I can’t seem to think of other crafts… I think that shows where my loyalties are 🙂 But yes, this is definitely how I’m considering a lot of my WIPs. I might end up doing a lot of frogging and starting over – since i know for sure that if it were a book, id start again 🙂 I’m really excited to block the cowl! I did end up starting over because I skipped some rows with all the starting and stopping, but once it’s done, its blocking time!


  3. She’s back! Woo! The cowl looks like a more sophisticated balaclava. VERY NICE. Aligning myself with all previous commentators, blocking is good. And I just do the towel and pins way. I actually didn’t know there was another way, but that’s just me not knowing things probably. 🙂 I’m glad you traveled well despite the world seemingly telling you not to. And I cant believe you started over for the sake of eight rows. It literally makes me feel sick, because I don’t do that with knitting. I understand when people make faces at me now when I say I’m starting over on an art project. So I get it, but still. Glad your back! 🙂

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    1. Oh, I only found out about blocking once I started to blog here and then only found out there are a ton of different ways/techniques because of youtube. And thanks to you I finally know what a balaclava is 😀

      I get all sorts of flack for starting my projects over – but I know me. Missing those rows would nag me forever and I wouldn’t enjoy wearing it as much. I’m new to following patterns so I think this will pass when I get comfortable and understand how essential things are to the project or not – or at least I hope so.

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      1. Haha. I’m making my brother a balaclava for Christmas and keep calling it a baklava. Mmm… I’ve literally just now done a ‘maggie’ and had to frog 4 inches of my jumper. For the very reason that I want to do what the pattern is telling me. I still remember the first soup I made where I followed the


  4. Dearest Maggs,
    So sorry to be reading of all your unwellnesses! Things have been mad here the last three months and much as it pains me I haven’t been able to keep up with my favourite blogs. I did notice a slow down in your posts and was wondering about you but hadn’t realized how bad things have been. I’m So Sorry!

    . My computer crashed (rather dramatically) end of October and I still don’t have access to the data I lost. Sadly that includes your email address. If you are feeling up to writing then please drop me a line!

    We’ve missed you over at our blog too, … I was so surprised when even our new sock pattern didn’t get a comment, not to mention our new colours of yarn! (All is now explained!)

    Thinking of you and really hoping you are much better!
    Yours affectionately,
    Grey Dove


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