(U)FO Friday: Blood Moon Knits

There are few things better than sitting in a huge bank of fog, and one of them is sitting in fog patiently waiting to catch a glimpse of the Blood Moon. We didn’t catch the beginning of the eclipse but the Carl (our fog is so awesome it has a name) rolled off in time for us to catch it in full swing.

In addition to this being an awesome night of meeting a lot of our neighbors and snuggling in the fog starring up at the sky, I got to see all these beautiful knits! People were out in shawls, cute skullies and light sweaters and as we came home to a nice cup of tea, I got a huge wave of inspiration that would put all other projects on hold. All the orange in my yarn stash came out along with scraps of black and charcoal and they started coming together into what I’m going to call The Blood Moon Knits.


to worry, this is actually a good thing. For starters, I really needed to regroup and get my crafting mojo back. And I got to plow through one of the projects I’ve had on hold for about three years. I don’t know if you crafters remember what I’d dubbed The Black Sheep Skully? Well, it underwent a transformation inspired by The Strib Hat, which was also in my Gifts Queue, and which my wife really happened to take a shine to. So now she is the proud owner of this hat which will hopefully keep her nice and warm when we travel to Denver later this month 🙂

A couple of posts ago, I spoke about being sent back to Square One. Which if you’ve ever played a board game that sent you back to the starting point, you know is the most wretched point in the game. Well, after spraining my injured ankle once again (my fault, I really didn’t need to be cleaning the bathroom but let’s just agree I wasn’t operating with any sense), I found myself right back there yet again and I was forced to recognize that I wasn’t dealing with this set back the right way. You can’t let an injury get you down, but forcing yourself to go on is completely stupid – lesson learned.

This time, I decided to celebrate my situation by knitting up Square 1 of the stitch sampler blanket I’ve been dying to make since I saw MrsKirstyHoll‘s. Orange and grey happen to be our house colors, so it was perfect really – and best of all, I get to use scraps of yarn up!

Skills: garter stich, kfb, adding other colors.

I didn’t realize it until I hit Square 2, but it got kind of meta. In knitting these squares, I started inadvertently knitting representations of the knitting projects I was missing so much. The first square is just Garter Stitch, but I knit it in diagonal and to look a bit like Jem Weston’s mood scarf. I didn’t get how to knit diagonal then, so I just knit my Mood Scarf in regular Stockinette Stitch but I found this great scarf on Purl Bee and I sort of used that to teach me how to do it. I though this would just be great practice but I learned a great deal.


  • Proper knitting mechanics (I finally hold the needles and hold tension properly and much more efficiently)
  • Garter Stitch
  • kfb (I had a lot of trouble with this before when I was first knitting the Sweet November Shawl but this was because I was doing the knit stitch wrong. This is that now totally sorted)
  • Switching yarns: I’m trying two new methods here. The first is intarsia and the other is just starting the other color without tying knots.

I started knitting the second square after completing the skully above and I was weirdly missing that project and since I had some scraps of yarn….



  • Knitting mechanics and tension
  • Stockinette Stitch (with a Garter stitch border for both continuity and so that it doesn’t curl)
  • Stripping/color change via intarsia

I’m almost done with Square 3 in which I try Seed Stitch, and I can’t believe I’ve never tried it before – it’s so easy to remember (and make a mistake with) and so delightful! Hopefully, I’ll have at least two squares a week from now on – well, as long as I have enough yarn anyway. I soon realized that I am not going to have enough yarn to finish this blanket and so I went against the rules a bit and took advantage of the huge Halloween color sale going on at Knit Picks… I can’t feel too guilty about it. Square 3 is the end of my orange yarn, that sadly was discontinued a while back. I’m reeeeall hoping that the new stuff I got comes somewhat close because I deeply love this organge but the fact we are going to have a blanket in our house colors and that it will possibly be done for our 16th anniversary is going to be awesome 😀


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