Sock It To Me Thursday Assemble!: Two Steps Back, Now One Step Forward

Despite what it might look like, I am very much alive and hobbling along much better these days 🙂

No sock update this time, but I wanted to let you all know that Sock It To Me Thursday is still very much on, so go check out Hannah, Paula and Alex for inspiration!

I had a small set back with my foot – or if I’m being completely honest, I pushed myself a bit too hard and re-sprained my ankle (yes, that ankle >_<) which really made me take a long hard look at how I was approaching this healing thing.  To say that I was less than impressed is an overstatement. Actually, I was appalled, and decided to take some time out to get my head on properly.

It was just the thing!

Inspiration struck and the yarn and needles came back out of the bin once more. I’m keeping this Thursday space for socks only, so you’ll get to see/read about my adventures tomorrow. Happy knitting!


12 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Thursday Assemble!: Two Steps Back, Now One Step Forward

  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear you sprained your ankle again 😦 I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store tomorrow 🙂 I might do the same thing with one of my FO’s instead of including it in today’s post…of which I still have to write.

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      1. It’s up! Ermagerd! I can’t even imagine. Luckily for me (knock on wood) I have sprained anything since I was a child. However, I did go through back surgery in 2012 due to herniated discs and severe sciatica. I tried for 6 months to do anything to avoid surgery until I couldn’t walk anymore 😦 I don’t wish pain on anyone. I hope you take it easy and follow all doctor orders! You definitely don’t want to make it worse. Big hugs!

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        1. That sound awful 😦 I’m so sorry you had that go on!
          And yes, I am following doctor’s orders to the letter now and not going anywhere without crutches. As a result I’m even getting some good arm definition, so now I’m properly hooked 🙂
          I’m off to enjoy the post!

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        1. Phew – we’re all coinciding on a small hiatus 🙂 I instantly feel better about my being disoriented.
          I’m going to start knitting a bunch of baby hats myself. Apparently November is an awareness day (some people seem to think shaking their babies is going to make them stop crying) marked by purple baby hats and while it’s too late for this year, maybe I can try my hand at a couple of the free patterns for next year.

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