WIP(s) Wednesday

I got a lovely update from Hannah yesterday. I’m glad she’s getting settled in after a big move and… well that she’d also rediscovered a hibernating knitting project and got swept up in that rather than knitting socks 🙂

Perhaps this is why I put off organizing the Yarn and Project Bins for so long… Apart from it taking a good chunk of time, it’s really hard not to get distracted by yarn/projects you haven’t seen in a while. In my case, I’ve racked up quite a few UFOs (in addition to the Sagas) over the past couple of months and I’ve resolved to finish at least three by this month’s end. As this is the first full week I’m using the schedule/organization approach, and I’m kind of disoriented by the holiday weekend, I thought it would be good to go over what’s in the Project Bin.

The project currently stealing my attention despite my best attempt at a reasonable schedule is Girl On Fire. Last week, I made the mistake of taking it on the train with me and paid for it by ending up with a frogged project at the end of the day. I took this opportunity to sit down with my Knitting Notebook and properly sketched out a pattern. It worked! I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out and I’m about a third of the way done despite the set back 🙂 Again, I’m not sure if I can post pictures of this project, since it’s meant to be anonymously donated, so I’ll split the difference and post this.

First attempt at fishnet stitch and I'm actually rather proud of it - hence the need for a picture :)
First attempt at fishnet stitch and I’m actually rather proud of it – hence the need for a picture 🙂

The Sweet November Shawl is next on my hit list. I frogged that about a month ago and brooded for a bit before I took another shot. I think I’ve got it this time! If nothing else, this project has taught me that life is hilarious. Some of you might remember this picture:

There can be only one....
There can be only one….

It will now come as no surprise that I am now referring to the shawl as my Goldie Locks project. First, I learned that Worsted can mean two very different things depending on who’s writing the pattern and the green yarn on the right was out. Then I learned to listen to my yarn courtesy of the teal-ish yarn on the left, that in no way wanted to be a shawl. Weirdly, I tried another yarn before finally thinking “What’s the worst that can happen, I’ve tried everything else…” and going for the green yarn in the center. It turned out to be the perfect material for this shawl and I couldn’t be happier! I’m being really strict with the schedule after this last weekend and only knitting it on Free Knit days. Otherwise, I’ll never get anywhere with the other projects.

October means that we are off to Denver for the International Sherlock Holmes exhibit which means these two California girls are going to need hats and that I seriously need to get on the Black Sheep Skully for my missus. I’m really excited to get this project back on my needles, especially since now I know how to consult patterns and thus how to finish it! Just thinking about the last incarnation of this project reminds me how far I’ve come with my knitting skills in the past couple of months.

In addition to these UFO’s that I will have finished come October, I’m still working on the Sagas. There will be a post on the Mood Scarf Friday come hell or high water (unfortunately hell is likely to come before high water in this horribly, hot drought) but other than that I’ve finally gotten well into the Monogram Socks! The yarns I’m using have a different fiber content but I think they’re going to work… Stay tuned for that as I may have changed my mind about this by Sock It To Me Thursday.

Okay, that’s plenty to be getting on with and now I had better get to knitting 🙂


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