Getting Organized V?: A Place For Everything and Everything In It’s Place (Pics or It Didn’t Happen)

Victory is mine! Sorting out my yarn/fiber supply was literally a pain in the neck and has left me in serious need for tea. I feel sort of bad for not doing this sooner, but am glad I finally stopped putting off the horror that waited for me at the bottom of my Yarn Bin.

Now, I love me good tangle but this situation was bad enough to give even me a bit of trepidation. I got a huge box of yarn from a friend who liked the shopping aspect of knitting but not so much learning to knit. The box contained the usual heavy weight acrylic and wool, most of which I gave away to people who would enjoy those colors a lotΒ  more, but it also contained some fiber that was completely new to me and that I decided to keep – for science. I should have kept it apart from the rest of the yarn because something possessed it to grab any loose ends of skeins and contort them into a 24 hour puzzle. I’m glad I kept it though, the untangling was a good opportunity to get acquainted with my yarn supply, convinced me that I won’t need yarn until I run out of sock yarn and once I untangled everything, I found a tag with the details of this mystery fiber. After googling it, I found out this fiber is Welsh Tweed that costs about 50 British pounds per skein 0_0

I kind of wish I’d taken pictures of when the yarn first went on the table, ah well. You get to see before and afters of the yarn supply being neatly packed away.

As you can see there isn’t a spare millimeter in the Yarn Bin, so I am totally stoked my needle organizer can live on top of both bins πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “Getting Organized V?: A Place For Everything and Everything In It’s Place (Pics or It Didn’t Happen)

  1. Thanks πŸ™‚ Is it supposed to be kind of rough? I think the fiber would hold it’s shape really well but given the texture I don’t know what to make. I hear “tweed” and I can only think of ‘suit’.


  2. Everything looks so organized! I should spend some time winding up all my skeins. I think the cakes would take up less room and would look so much better. I have put every skein in my stash on Ravelry; however still have a lot in bags instead of storing them properly. Maybe I should get some bins too?

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ Everything is so much easier to find! And yes, the cakes take a lot less space – I had a large shopping bag in addition to the Yarn Bin before and now everything fits!
      After that experience, I highly recommend the bins, it keeps everything tidy and dust free.

      You are way ahead of me in terms of cataloging yarn. I have about a fourth(?) in Ravelry and the rest is patiently waiting to be identified.

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