FO Friday: A Pair of Nice Ribbed Socks

[I took down yesterday’s drive-by post because I want this blog to be better than that. Besides, I’m sure you guys won’t be too upset about my replacing a Sock It To Me Thursday with a FO Friday 😉 ]

I am honored to be part of such a fierce group of newbie sock knitters. We few, proud adventurers braved a crazy week and still rocked our socks. I’m not kidding, there were big moves, important social events and over all crazy of this past week but Hannah and Paula weren’t phased one bit, so go check out their socks 🙂

Some one else that has some cool socks going on is Lenore from Felt Buddies (and stuff), who is by no means a sock knitter *cough*except that she’s knit more socks than I have *cough*. She’s expressed interest in doing a live knit/knit group thing via Google hangouts. Is anyone else game? I think it might be a fun coming out party of sorts for her 😉 or at the very least a chance for us to try to get her to come to the dark side: heel flap socks. Let me know your thoughts.

On to the socks!

At some point during this second sock, I stopped feeling self conscious about it taking as long as it was. I was enjoying myself so immensely that finishing up the Kitchener stitch and the sadness that came with it caught me completely by surprise. I think The Spouse was confused by the lack of victory dance, if not a bit spooked.

This is one of those situations where my hands have more sense than my head. I tried on the socks and while the right was super comfy, the left – which had the exact same number of stitches and rows – felt really snug around my toes. I got out the ruler and sure enough, I was missing about 1.5 cm and I happily -and very carefully went about taking out the Kitchener stitch.

About an hour ago (stitches were dropped, counting and now measuring had to happen) I finished the Kitchener stitch once more and then tried them on again. They fit perfectly and though I’m still a bit sad, I feel wonderful. I did it! I read a pattern, I understand it and for the most part followed it to get my first pair of knit socks!!! I think I might be a sock knitter after all 😀

As I mentioned above, I really enjoyed this pattern and was thinking about writing up a review/stuff I learned kind of thing on the Nice Ribbed Socks. I should also give a shout out to Glenna C, who’s post So you’ve discovered sock knitting gave me the final push and the pattern for this first adventure. After having checked out some other free patterns, I have to say that I owe a her a huge debt. This pattern is so well written that the only way to mess this up was to light the yarn on fire. I’ll update the Sock It To Me Thursday Saga when I have a bit more bandwidth and after I get to the Liebster Awards I’ve been honored with – and yes The Mood Scarf update. Life just needs to stop getting in the way of my knitting and blogging.

Now on to the pictures!

Now to move this project from the UFO’s page to the Sock It To Me Thursday page in the Sagas 🙂

So, what should I try next? I’m debating between after thought heeled socks of short row heel socks but I’m also open to suggestions.

33 thoughts on “FO Friday: A Pair of Nice Ribbed Socks

  1. I’m still up for the Virtual Knit Night if anyone else wants to try it! And I’ll be denying I’m a sock knitter all the way, just so you know :p

    Ah, one more thing: if anyone’s interested in learning Portuguese knitting (the purling is ah-ma-zing!!!) I’ll happily demonstrate.

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        1. You got it. I forgot we were having a holiday weekend in the States and that I was thus leaving town tomorrow night. I’ll get on the scheduling next Tuesday but I am going to make it happen and will most definitely keep you in the loop 🙂


      1. Hi, Bekki! A VKN happens on Google Hangouts, in Google +. It’s like a mass Skype, where up to 6 (8?) people can talk at the same time. I know an English podcast couple who do it and it seems it’s a lot of fun! All we would need to do is create a date and a time and people would come and knit together from their homes 😊

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  2. I would also be up for a virtual knit night! Congrats on finishing your first pair of socks! You did a fantastic job 🙂 Mine have been going slowly. I’ve been off the computer and knitting for most of the weekend to give my tingling, numb fingers a rest. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the worst when you want to just knit and knit some more.

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  3. I would be up for a virtual knitting group! My schedule is…challenging, but I could try.

    I’m so impressed that you redid parts of each sock until they were just how you wanted them. I think that is the true mark of a sock knitter!

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    1. Thank you! Part of it is my being a perfectionist but mostly, I wanted my feet to be comfortable 🙂

      We can totally make the live knit work – how about you e-mail me some times that are good for you and I can start putting some dates together?

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  4. I am so glad you have a finished pair of socks! Go you! I feel sad that I didn’t get to cross the finish line with you, I unbelievably have not finished my first sock yet. When unpacking my knitting boxes, I found some projects that I hadn’t seen for a few weeks and got emotional and went mad on knitting a Jumper for the last two weeks, so atleast I have been knitting something I suppose. I have finally unpacked into to my new flat-for-one and am settling in. Though I haven’t had internet for ages! But alas, after skipping around town from one cafe to the next ( seems to be a trend in manchester cafes that your only allowed 30mins of free wifi) I have found the library and all its glory of unlimited, albeit slow, wifi. I will be getting my own broadband installed next week however, so will be able to blog with ease! Yes, so, just wanted to say hello and I miss you and our Thursdays. I like the monogrammed sock pattern for the next pair, can’t wait to get back to it! ☺ x

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    1. Thank you! I am so glad to hear from you and know that you’re okay and just dealing with the big move. I’ve super missed you!
      The good thing about sock Thursdays is that there’s always next Thursday, so no rush. We’re having a first live knit this Friday but I think there might be enough interest for it to be a thing – at least monthly and we can hang out over socks in October 🙂

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    2. I’ve also been meaning to let you know that clicking on your name still links up to your old art blog. Don’t know if that matters/matters right now but after having had mine link up to a totally different blog (not by me, and on weird conservative politics) I thought I’ve better let you know.


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