Sunshine Award

I am beyond chuffed that MrsKristyHoll nominated me for this award. It’s a bit like the Liebster award but as I’ve learned from Tayla’s post, it’s an award given to positive, creative and/or inspiring blogs. How warm and wholesome is that?! That she thinks my blog is that kind of awesome feels every bit as wonderful as stretching out in a ray of sunshine.

To widen that ray of sunshine, I’m nominating some blogs that have helped me grow as a knitter and a person.

Duck and Cover: Tayla has been writing some amazing posts about organizing her projects and yarn stash and I happened upon them right as I was getting overwhelmed and falling into some bad habits. Thanks to her posts, I’m trying to sort out my craft life to make it more manageable.

Unsophisticated and Jejune: My fearless co-knitter who’s enthusiasm gave me the courage to make the leap into sock knitting. She is a super crafter but what I love about her is her great attitude and he ability to see things I never would have thought of. She also hangs out with pets I’m terrified of, so points to her for being a total bad ass!

Fog Knits: Crafter, Chemist and Cool as you please. Seriously, she ended up just shy of an FO Friday, she made it a UFO Friday and talked about all the projects that she had going on. It  was a really fun post, the first I’d ever heard of UFO’s and she has a great approach. Also, she’s got some sweet pictures of the dream vacation I’ve wanted to take since I first saw pictures of Iceland, go check out her blog!

The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of the Fiber Arts: That title isn’t kidding. If it has to do with fibers, it’s on her blog and it’s fabulous. She is the Yoda of craft. But that’s not the best part – yes, I know right, how could it get better than that? – the conversations that we’ve had have gotten me thinking and give my crafting a bit of direction. Between conversations with her about the evils of fast fashion, and following My Knit Closet, I’ve decided to reclaim my wardrobe and slowly start making my own clothes in the most sustainable way possible.

And though it’s a bit weird, I have to nominate MrsKristyHoll right back because a list of people who have been a tremendous influence would not be complete without her. She approaches knitting like a science and has been a great role model in her approach to challenging herself with new projects. I would never have thought of starting a knitting notebook without her, and said notes have saved my life more than once.

To these amazing people I ask:

  1. Tell me a bit about a craft item that you’ve inherited, that you didn’t think you’d need but now can’t live without. The inherited part can be optional.

2.  What’s your craziest project story?

3. What’s one thing you’re kind of curious about but slightly weary of trying?

Here are her questions for me:

  1. If you could visit any country in the world where would you go?
    • Iceland. Even though I’ve never been there I feel a strong connection to it. It might be the volcanoes, since I spent the first 8 years of my life surrounded by at least three active ones and a major rite of passage in my birth country was to spend the night on one of the volcanoes. But that’s not all. Iceland is wild and primal but also fascinatingly intricate with their history and politics – and yarn. There is yarn and a huge knitting culture there people! I might not come back!
  2. What is the favourite craft item you have added to your stash recently?
    • I made t-shirt yarn for the first time! I haven’t dyed it yet, but the fact that I created my own fiber is thrilling! I can’t wait to cast on with it!

      From t-shirt to yarn.
      From t-shirt to yarn.
  3. What’s your favourite F.O. so far this year?
    • Technically, I don’t have any finished objects this year, I did only come back to crafting mid May and I’ve been learning a lot of new things, but I have finished one of a pair of socks and I absolutely love it! OtherSock4

One thought on “Sunshine Award

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination back 🙂 That’s really made my day 🙂
    Loving your answers 🙂 The T-shirt yarn is also awesome! I totally need to have a go at this 🙂 Once again – your socks are awesome!


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