Sock It To Me Thursday (Week 5): Slow and Steady

When we last saw our clueless heroine, she was busy being foolishly optimistic – complete pair of socks indeed!

There’s a good reason I’m not done, or at least I think it’s a good reason.

Given that I didn’t start at a specific place in the striping, and because I thought it would be fun to just keep going on the same skein, I had to start counting and measuring meticulously. I do know that I won’t end up with identical socks but at the very least I want them to be the same size – or at least have the same relative height. I’m also fighting a cold so all of that is taking a bit longer than usual, especially when I drop off to sleep before knitting time starts.

So, how close am I to a full pair of socks?

The heel is turned.
I’ve turned the heel.
And started on the gussets, which are the real challenge of this style of sock.
And started on the gussets, which are the real challenge of this style of sock.

Relative to the second sock, I think I’m about half way?

The pair is starting to look really cool with their different striping. Hannah wrote that the sock are going to be each other’s negatives. I couldn’t resist that so I cheated a bit when I cut off the first couple of inches of the light brown of the second skein so the striping could continue uninterrupted.

As of last night, the pair looks like this.


When I attached my project to the new skein, I realized that this is officially the last I have of this yarn and that made me oddly sad. After talking to the missus about it, we agreed that if this yarn washes well, then I can stock up on it and get more of the blue for the Mood Scarf (I’m going to try my hand at knitting a tee shirt) since they seem to be discontinuing it. This might mean a new waterproof yarn bin on the horizon but it definitely means that I had better stay on top of my knitting so that the stash stays under control.

So, how are your socks coming along?

If you’re inspired to start a pair please join our merry band of newbie sock knitters! All you have to do is cast on a sock (the pattern I’m using is free and you can find it in the Free Patterns section of my blog) and join Hannah, Paula (our newest co-knitter) and myself (grammar?)for Thursday posts on your progress.

12 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Thursday (Week 5): Slow and Steady

  1. I’ve got my first post up about my socks 🙂 Yours are looking fantastic! BTW, my name is Paula…just so you have reference 🙂 I hope I get a little further along soon. I’m working on a test pattern, in addition to my socks, and need to find time to give both a little love.

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    1. Nice to meet you Paula 🙂 I’m Magdalena but Maggie or Maggs will do. I’m off to see your post but first wanted to acknowledge that balancing projects is pretty tough, or it has been for me, and I’m not doing anything important like testing a pattern, that’s pretty fierce!

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  2. In an evil minded way I am glad you didn’t finish your other sock in one week. You’d show me up too much! 🙂 I’m sorry you have a cold,in August too! I’m certain that you would have had warmer feet and idle hands by now if it wasn’t for your illness! 🙂 I always assumed our turning the heel methods were the same, but after seeing this weeks photos, our patterns call for different ways. I knitted mine straight across one needle. Or wait- have you already picked up your gusset stitches and arranged the stitches for the continuing rounds? If that is the case, it looks the same way I did it.

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    1. Lol! Nah, even at full capacity, I would still not be finished, though maybe I’d be done with the gussets by now. There have been honey harvests to help out with and those are a ton of the most satisfying and amazing kind of work. At least I have fresh honey to soothe my throat 😀
      We are absolutely working the heel the same way. I just forgot to take a picture after I turned it this time because I was thinking “you’re not out of the woods until those gussets are done.”
      August here is really warm, so being sick super sucks. If I didn’t enjoy tea so much, I’d be upset about drinking it in 75 F weather.

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      1. Do you have to wear a bee keeper suit to harvest honey? That sounds so fun. I’m scared of bees so I wouldn’t do it myself, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to just wear that outfit! Tea is good all year round! Everyone says drinking hot tea in the heat helps keep you cool. I don’t know if it is true, I don’t question it. I just drink it.

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        1. You don’t have to wear a suit unless you’re going into the hives themselves to get the frames that the bees build the honey comb on. It’s pretty cool and I’m simultaneously relieved and sad that I didn’t get to wear one.
          It was about 90F that day, so the folks in the suits were really hot but they looked pretty cool and had all of us running around getting them cool drinks 🙂 Bees are surprisingly friendly as long as you show them some respect. You wouldn’t walk into another human’s path, and the same goes for them. I managed to go back and forth with both full and empty frames and they left me alone.

          I’m not sure about tea keeping one cool, but it does feel good year around 😀

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    1. I say you have 15minutes of sock knitting/day and that day will come along a lot faster. Okay, that’s my bit of devilry for the day 😉
      Thank you, I am enjoying this tremendously – even when I have to rip out a good two inches of progress.

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