Getting Organized II: On the Sagas

Yes, there is more than one šŸ™‚

After my first meta-ish post on organization I got some good feed back from MrsKristyHoll, who thought my project count wouldn’t be accurate if I didn’t include all my long term projects but that I should make said projects their own category. Not being one to turn down sage advice, I now have a page dedicated to my UFO’s and another to my long term projects, or Sagas.

As I was getting the page together I realized the wisdom of having the Mood Scarf and Sock It To Me Thursday as their own category. Both are dramatically different from my UFO’s as well as each other. The Mood Scarf is pretty straight forward, it’s one project that takes place over the course of a year and I update on time-based milestones. Sock It To Me Thursday is a longer term thing that has multiple parts in the way of various sock patterns and challenges. This Saga’s write up is still a work in progress but I wanted to at least get started.Ā  Writing all this out gave me a good reality check in terms of how much time I have to take on any other projects and this lead to my culling both my Ravelry and Pinterest queues to half the size.

Do not adjust your screen or lenses, you read that correctly. I found out that I had projects on both queues and so I consolidated as well as purged. Granted, my Ravelry favorites are a mess but my Pinterest boards are down to about 70 pins total and that’s only because I couldn’t save the patterns onto my messy bookmarks folder just yet. Reading some of the knitting blogs on here, I’ve been made aware that Pinterest is not the most ethical way to keep my projects organized and I’ll be phasing it out of use in the next year. In this time, I’ll also be getting my Ravelry account in order so I that the amount of projects does not exceed the hours in my approximate life time šŸ˜‰

So some of you may be wondering what all the fuss is. It isn’t like having a huge queue is caloric or anything and what if I need said pattern for a particular technique or set of instructions?

It really is just about keeping things manageable. If I have to look through 3000 pins before I can find what I need, I may as well have started looking from scratch. I’d rather use all that time and energy to knit. And barring a massive solar flare that takes out the internet as we know it, said pins/patterns etc will still be there in some way shape or form. Besides, I’m pretty sure that if a massive solar flare happens, I’ll have bigger things to worry about than a specific pattern. Also, as I become more experienced, I think I’ll start coming up with my own patterns and I’d like to feel open to try them out without feeling like I’m slacking on my queue. And finally, the last most practical reason, is that this way, I wont be tempted to get the perfect yarn for project #50 when I’m still at project #10. My stash isn’t huge, but I’m pretty sure I have the yarn for project #20 as is and I need those square centimeters.

Why? Well, it’s still kind of new in my head and thus hard to explain (I know, this is my third attempt), but after I tried on my first completed sock, I began to wonder what it would be like to have more of my clothes fit as perfectly as that sock. I’ve never really been into shopping for clothes because finding something that was made for a woman with an Oakland booty, etc is a serious challenge, and more recently, as I’ve become aware of how unethical and unsustainable fast fashion is, I’m thinking it might be a sign to become more involved in what I wear. Hence, I’ll need those square centimeters to keep my larger projects.

I’m not sure what that looks like right now. I don’t sew yet, though the fact that I recently inherited a machine will change that come November. In the mean time, however, I intend to get ethical and sustainable clothing when I need to replace things and knit/crochet as much as possible when it comes to socks and tops. We’ll see what happens, but after a bit of research on both fronts, I feel pretty optimistic.

16 thoughts on “Getting Organized II: On the Sagas

    1. Thank you! The site is a lot like that first sock, I just had to jump in and figure out how to make it work šŸ™‚

      I’m really excited about making more of my clothing. I’ve always kind of wanted to but never thought I could do it, it’s amazing how starting that first pair of socks changed everything šŸ˜€

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        1. I just wish I’d caught on to this when The Spouse’s grandmother was still alive. I could have gotten some pointers from her!
          It’s definitely time we get back to that, clothes were more precious then and lasted forever since even my niece got to wear my mom’s corduroy jacket.

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            1. Truth! The experience with my mom’s coat and the fact that the fashion industry is really targeting 12 year old boys rather than women has seriously put me off. I don’t know why I took so long to realize that making my own stuff wasn’t out of my reach/ability.

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  1. It sounds like we are a bit in the same place right now. Since I am at once realising that I have too many projects on the go and instead of purging any craft build up like a sensible person would do, I just sold and donated a bunch of clothes to make room for the more important things, like fabric that I plan to wear in someway or another the future. I didn’t think it through. I don’t have any clothes to wear! But what I am thinking is the actual need, rather than just desire, will force me to sit down and sew! I don’t buy much first hand for both the reasons of low quality, and the fear of funding exploitation of workers. But it is also confusing because I don’t know who makes the fabric I buy either. I guess I’m scared to hear the answer. And there are so many things to worry over; I’ve literally JUST found out about the palm oil farming that is killing urangutans! Ending on happy note, I can’t wait for you get sewing! ā˜ŗ

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    1. Lol! We’re in almost exactly the same place actually! This might be too much information but I got rid (threw away the elastic and composted the rest) of most of my underwear *before* thoroughly researching better alternatives to purchase more >_< Needless to say I had to do a lot of hand washing at night as I experimented with different pairs that made the cut after I did the research. I did end up finding a locally made, fair labor and organic cotton alternative that I really like (second try!) and I'm buying as many as I can tomorrow šŸ™‚

      But wow! Fabric! I wouldn't worry too much right now, just make some clothes šŸ˜€ You're taking one variable out of the equation at a time and when you next need fabric, you might have found a couple of options you like.

      I knew palm oil was bad (I stopped getting it to make soap with) but I never knew why – those poor primates šŸ˜¦ Okay, once the nutela is finished (it was a gift), I'm just going to go with Locker hazel nut spread from now on.


    2. PS: Just because I didn’t think it was clear above, I think it’s SO COOL you’re going to sew your wardrobe! You’ll post pictures right? I might bug you with questions when I start trying to sew next year.

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      1. Nutella has palm oil in it? No! They have really nice jars at the moment I was going to use as my new cups! ā˜ŗ I’ve been wanting to make soap for a while, but there were too many suggestions online about what were the right ingredients and methods so I put the thought away. Your words are comforting on the fabric front. One thing at a time. I’m glad you found some moral underwear too! Yes I will certainly post about sewing clothes! I’m excited to start, luckily I have already packed all the clothes projects away so I can focus on my sock!

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        1. I’m afraid so šŸ˜¦ We just use mason jars for glasses if that’s any help? Sorry šŸ˜¦

          Soap is not as complicated as people make it out to be. I can recommend some books or just give you my recipes if you’re interested. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll do a post in a month or so about it – I’m over due to make some and we are pretty low.
          I’m so excited to hear about your sewing!!! But yes, right now, it’s sock time – which means I should have at it if I’m ever going to get that second one done…

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  2. This all makes perfect sense. I actually don’t use my ravelry queue for anything except stuff I am 99% certain I will make. Once that changes, I move things out of there. I try to keep my favorites reasonably organized so that if I am looking for something, I have a chance of finding it.

    I see people with, literally, thousands of items in their queue, and I just can’t understand how that works for them!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award šŸ™‚ See details here:

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    1. Wow, thank you!!! I’ll go check it out stat!
      I’m kind of embarrassed about my favs. I have around 170(?) after consolidating but now it’s time to see what I’m really going to knit and then kill the rest.
      I’m shooting for a total of 50. There are about 10 tops I know I want to knit, some shawls and scarf for a charity thing, and finally different kinds of socks for Sock It To Me Thursday. I think I can wrestle it to something manageable by next Wednesday šŸ™‚
      Thank you for inspiring me to keep going – I slacked over the weekend (we were helping friends harvest honey) and as soon as I read this I thought “I want that”.

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      1. I keep a lot of favorites around…I use favorites as a sort of bookmark for things I might be interested in making, or that I find inspiring. I try to keep them organized so that when I do want to refer to them, I can just go to one place.

        I don’t think harvesting honey is “slacking”. I think it’s AWESOME!

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        1. The harvest was marvelous! Those bees are geniuses and all things wonderful. This honey is going to make some great mead!

          I try to do the same, but I haven’t been on top of my organization so it’s chaos right now. I’ll be tackling that today and see how far I get. Ideally, I’d like to have my Ravelry and Knit folder in my bookmarks be exclusively for projects that I’m going to make/learn techniques for, so I keep evolving as a knitter and crafter but also get to make fun pieces for myself.

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