Sock It To Me Thursday (Week 4): The Other Shoe

When we last officially saw our clueless heroine, she was a bit perplexed that the full rush of triumph hadn’t hit immediately – turns out she may not be so cluess after all….

After I finished the first sock, I decided to hang out in it for a bit. It felt great but after the initial awe of wearing as sockΒ I had knit wore off and possibly the third time adjusting it, it dawned on me that this sock didn’t have to not fit properly. I honestly can’t remember when a sock fit just right so I’d forgotten that was possible until I remembered that not only did I have control over howΒ this sock fit but thatΒ  Andalexand sent me an article on how to knit said proper-fittiing-sock. So while I didn’t knit it to fit the first time around, I could still change it. An hour after finishing the sock found me taking out the Kitchener Stitch (and if there was any doubt of that being the best, most durable stitch ever, I am now well quit of it) to re-do the toe.

I decided to make the foot about an inch longer and gave my toes a bit more room by only decreasing to 28 rather than 20 sts. So, on Monday, at long last I had the sock on the right.

Before and After
Before and After

The good news: the sock fits like a glove!

The bad news: my notes are not the best…


But that wasn’t going to stand between me and my first pair of socks, so come knitting time on Tuesday, I canst on and was on my way for the second Nice Ribbed Sock. I felt – and still feel weirdly confident this second time around. My hands seem to know what to do, and I’ve hardly had to look at my notes at all – that said, it is still quite a ways before I get to the heel, so I can enjoy feeling like an expert for a little while yet πŸ™‚ Nah, I’m mostly just excited to see what this sock is going to look like since I just picked up where I left off with the same skein of yarn. The stripes seem to be a consistent width so it will just be a matter of the stripes not lining up, nor matching and I can’t wait to see what the pair looks like.


For the purposes of compare and contrast, here it is with its fraternal twin.


Here is to hoping that the next SITMT features a complete pair of socks – and possibly the first couple of rows of the next pair…

So, how are your socks going?


22 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Thursday (Week 4): The Other Shoe

  1. whoa! What a good plan to fix your knitting. I never did that with my previous sock fails. The second sock when lined up with the first looks like it will be it’s negative – where the first sock is light at the top, the second is dark, then you have the mid value, then first sock is dark and second sock is going into light. How cool is that? I hope it carries on that way! πŸ™‚ I finally posted up! I’m back in the game!

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        1. Thank you! I’m honored and I’m excited to write up a response πŸ™‚ Right now I’m off to make some progress on the socks, so I’ll write a response right after I’m done with the next installment of Sock It To Me Thurs.

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        1. I’m trying to learn to leave some mistakes be. I think most of the time they’re fine and virtually invisible but I have a hard time letting them go. I’ve started putting a small mistake in as a signature of sorts – we’ll see if that works…

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