Getting Organized

[Originally from the Girl On Fire post, but I decided it was it’s own thing after a second look]

As I started this post I thought to myself, “this is what happens when Entropy is allowed to win.” By this I mean that my brain starts resembling my surroundings which right now, are a chaos of projects, both knitting and otherwise. So in the spirit of sorting things out, I’ve decided to write/ask advice about organization.

I’m relatively new to knitting and have rarely had more than two projects going on at once- and now I suddenly find myself with 6 (7?). Naturally, my brain decided to deal with this by taking on another. At first I joked that I had a serious addiction, but it’s not actually funny as this kind of thing makes me genuinely miserable. It’s hard to feel motivated when I’m working on a project and look up to see I am surrounded by stuff I need to finish. As I’ve said previously, projects everywhere goes from charming to being a mess in about a second when you live in a tiny apartment. Fortunately, lack of international shipping saved me from myself and am left here in my small living room/study/dining room surrounded by the thing I dread the most: clutter/stuff.Β  My first instinct when confronted with this is to purge. Things get boxed up, donated/recycled etc but space is cleared and peace of mind is restored.

So I intend to do just that. I began this blog to keep me accountable to my projects (read: not letting them go dormant) and to keep organized so that said projects wouldn’t over-run our 400-ish square foot apartment, so I’m going to use it to help me keep my projects in line without without letting it become a case of out of sight, out of mind. Cue the UFO Page. If I’m working on it (read: should be working on that rather than being on Ravelry or Pinterest where I can look for more things to add to my queues), it’s there, long with a brief progress report.

Accountability without distraction – done!

Clean space and peace of mind – done!

A clean apartment for the landlord’s appraisers to visit tomorrow – done!

So what’s on deck? As far as I know here’s the list along with a sample of the format I think the Queue will take on. Please feel free to make suggestions and chime in with stuff I missed, tips on how you keep things making sense or advice.

Girl on Fire






Number in Queue/Priority:

ETF (Estimated Finished Time):


Nice Ribbed Socks

Sweet November Shawl

Jasmine Cardigan

Owl Throw Pillows

There, I think that’s everything…

Also, I’m not sure how/if I should add my on-going projects, i.e. the Mood Scarf or Sock It To Me Thursday… What do you guys think?


5 thoughts on “Getting Organized

    1. Sorry, was that a vote for adding the on-going projects to the UFO Page? Just want to make sure because right now I’m taking it as a sign to do just that πŸ™‚ I’m not entirely sure about the format working for said WIPs since they are a daily thing (“sock time” is actually blocked off on my Google calendar) but I’ll see how it goes.


        1. Lol, I look forward to knit time the entire day πŸ˜€ It weirdly keeps me really motivated to set that time aside!
          And you’re right, I will never really understand how many projects I’ve got going on if the on-going ones are missing! Good looking out!

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