FO Friday: A first step toward my first pair of socks.

There are at least four hours left of Friday here, so I am going to bask in the glow of a double first, in that this is my very frist FO Friday ever and this is the first sock I’ve ever finished! Geez Maggs, it’s about time!

That’s exactly how I feel too! Wait no, I’m more ecstatic and seriously relieved. This post would have been up as of this morning but as I was triumphantly about to finish the sock last night, I found why I’d been missing a stitch when I started knitting the toe. I double and triple checked, and double and triple counted on Wednesday but I randomly had 63 stitches when I began the toe. Rather than worry about it, I did one less decrease at the beginning and went on my merry way. I checked again after a couple of rows but nothing seemed amiss. Then some time around midnight last night, I went from photographing the stage right before Kitchener Stitch to…

I don’t know what. It wasn’t quite horror, or heart break or devastation but some weird mix of them all. When had that happened – and why didn’t I see it? It looked pretty benign but in the space of about three seconds it went from it’s initial state to dropping down about 8 rows – or so I thought. It was further by the time I’d unraveled enough to catch up. I was back at the brown stripe by the time I’d sorted everything out at around 1am.

This morning I woke up determined to get this sock done. Once Knit-O-Clock came around, I checked everything again, took a deep breath and had at it. It went a bit faster this time around, even though I was being way more cautious and more meticulous with my notes.

I tried to get a shot of my really sweet Kitchener Stitch but the picture above was the best I could do. I’m really amped with it, just in case the amount of pictures hasn’t given that away πŸ˜‰

The material feels unlike anything I’ve ever worn, interesting and delightful all at once. I can only imagine how lush the sock would feel if I had knit it with the correct needles but it’s still really awesome. I can’t get over the fact I just knit a sock – you’d think I discovered a way to get around conservation of energy! I almost went on Ravelry to say I was 100% finished and then I remembered I need to make another sock – and got even more excited, because this time I know I can do it.

There are a couple of things I would change, and I’ve written them down, but I’ve also kept careful notes of how I did make it so that the next sock is as close to this one as it can be – at least in terms of make. I’ve re-wound what’s left of the skein so I’ll be starting with the same color but at a different point in the striping than this first sock. If my understanding of the stripes is right, I’ll be starting at the equivalent of the first big light brown/flax colored stripe and proceed from there. I thought a lot about reaching for a new skein and finding the perfect spot to start knitting an identical sock, but given that I am almost 100% sure these socks aren’t going to be too similar in the first place, I decided to go for the fun concept of matching-yet-different socks.


11 thoughts on “FO Friday: A first step toward my first pair of socks.

  1. Thanks to you, I think I’ve been inspired to knit my first ever pair of socks! I’ve always been intimidated by the thought of using DPN’s. I usually just use the magic loop method when decreasing hats. However, I’ve got the DPNs and the sock yarn…onwards I go!

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    1. I’ve just discovered matching-yet-different socks was a thing and I’m really excited to see how it turns out. I had to edit my sock a bit (better fit) and I’ve decided to just start knitting at the point in the stripes where I left off πŸ™‚
      Join the knit-along!
      I know I keep pushing it but the whole point is to get people who what to get into sock knitting a place to jump in.

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      1. My only problem is an oversized queue already! If I could just get some of these other WIPs under control, I’ll totally have room to do socks! Despite wanting to narrow the queue, I keep stashing yarns like a fiending addict. I have some fun sock yarns that could actually be socks though! It’ll happen eventually…I haven’t stopped talking about so I must want to do it πŸ™‚

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        1. I hear ya. I’m trying to wrestle mine into submission but decided to fast track the socks or I’d never get to them (I think they would have been 30th or something.). That’s why I’m trying to be the devil on your shoulder πŸ˜‰

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  2. Wow! You are leaps and bounds ahead of me, or should I say hops and skips…only one sock still… in our knitting adventure! I will have to catch up! But at least sock it to me Thursdays has no deadline! I can carry on my pair while you start your next! Well done!

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