Sock It To Me Thursday (Week 3): Heel to Toe

When we last left our clueless heroine, she’d turned the heel and was taking a breath after finishing the gussets – which were far more challenging than she expected. Now she has taken the sock from this,

3rd Thursday.
3rd Thursday.

to this:

You might be wondering: Girl, how is it you haven’t finished this sock?!

I know right? Well, it turns out that announcing I was done with the gussets was more sleep deprived wishful thinking than fact. I finished that Friday and after that the weekend kicked off a crazy week where I often found myself out without my knitting and later just hastily scribbling down my moods for the day before dropping off to sleep.

The socks seemed too precious to take anywhere yet. I’m still no expert, so they require more attention than I can give them on public transit or while waiting for things. So Wednesday morning found me trying to figure out where my week went and slightly panicked that I wouldn’t have any progress to show y’all.

School (both as student and instructor) has taught me to feel terrible about missing deadlines so Wednesday evening I picked up my sock and had at it. I was soooo close. And now I’m a little closer. If I manage to finish it today, I’ll post pictures – or *gasp* I might actually have a FO Friday for the first time.

In about 10 rows from what you see above, I’ll have to put it down and figure out what a Kitchener Stitch is so that I can finally be well and truly done with this sock and then go about figuring out how I to start the second sock.Don’t freak out, despite the fact that I have used my time wisely in learning about socks and fit, I only mean in terms of color. I’m going to have a bit of yarn left from this skein and I was wondering if I should start from this skein and risk having differently stripped socks or try to figure out how to match the stripes for identical socks….

So tune in next time, to see the beginning of a second sock -hopefully that will go a bit faster this time – and remember to let us (Hannah is my fearless sock knitting buddy over at Unsophisticated and Jejune) know how you’re doing if you’d like to join our newbie band of sock knitters 🙂


7 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Thursday (Week 3): Heel to Toe

    1. I am SO glad I never took it outside – last night I was ready to Kitchener Stitch the last 20 stitches together when I saw that the reason I’d been missing a stitch when I started the toe was that deep in the ribbing, I’d dropped a stitch – which then dropped further. >_<
      Thank you for the link! I am now especially determined to use it today 🙂

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      1. Sorry to hear about the dropped stitch. Glad you found it in time. Good luck with the Kitchener stitch. It’s just a case of getting the rhythm of it and having no distractions to make you forget what you did last. Those twenty stitches will be sewn up in no time.

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    1. Thank you! This way I can write it down in a way that makes more sense 😀 I saw the videos, read these instructions and said the steps aloud as I went so hopefully it will hold up in the wash!


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