Sock Knit-Along

In case my giddy posts haven’t given it away, I’ve decided to keep Sock It To Me Thursday around for the foreseeable future as a place where I explore sock knitting and try different styles in order to figure out what works best. According to the small bit of research I’ve done, the sky is the limit when it comes to techniques and, as it turns out, free patterns! I’ll link those in the Free Pattern section here, so that anyone who wants to give said styles/techniques or even socks in general a shot can knit along.

As I worked away on the Nice Ribbed Sock this morning, I thought about all the comments I’ve both given and received at the sight of socks in progress. While socks are magical, they’re also pretty accessible but it’s hard to believe amidst all the bad hype. Bekki put it perfectly when she said that there is too much fuss made about sock knitting. Said fuss is what kept reinforcing my belief that socks were beyond me and kept me intimidated for an embarrassingly long time as I taught myself to knit and I think it’s time to put a stop to that – or at least made a dent in demystifying the process.

Grey Dove over at From Goats to Soaps is putting together a series on sock knitting that I’m pretty amped about and I’ll try to contribute in my own newbie way by having a Sock Forum of sorts here. So whether you are a Sock Master, it’s been a while, you’ve only ever vaguely contemplated knitting socks, or you’re tangled up in your first pair you should join us!

I’ve found that the absolute best way to try something again/for the first time is with a fun group of people, some of them experts and others total newbies like us. Yes, socks are a bit more challenging than a scarf, but they are doable and most importantly you’ll feel like a rock star when you’re close to completing the first one πŸ™‚

Next up: Short Row Heeled Socks.

(Don’t worry, that’s not for a while yet, I’ve still got two socks to finish.)


5 thoughts on “Sock Knit-Along

    1. You’re most welcome, I wanted to give you credit since our conversations really got me thinking about how people, but especially us newbies, so easily psyche themselves out of trying something they might absolutely love. In my case it happened to be socks, and rather than lament lost time, I’ve decided to knit it up with different kinds of socks πŸ™‚

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      1. Don’t lament too hard, it’s human nature to hold back from pushing the boundaries when we feel unsure. So although you may have lost time here, if remember what you’ve learned here, you’ll save time in the future not holding back on other things πŸ™‚

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        1. It’s actually kind of weird, I usually jump in with both feet and have for a ton of things, but socks…. Socks became that “you’re not good enough yet” and I wasn’t – until I started trying to make them πŸ™‚ It’s now a kind of mission to show people that it’s doable and more importantly, that it’s some serious fun πŸ˜€

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