Black & White

Everything is finally coming together! A week ago, when I announced the Dawn of a New Yarn Stash, I showed you guys this:

Okay, maybe not a lot of yarn for most, but it's the most I've ever bought, possibly ever.
Okay, maybe not a lot of yarn for most, but it’s the most I’ve ever bought, possibly ever.

Well, today, the other 10 skeins of black yarn (apologies for the unintentional advert) arrived.

The rest of the haul.
The rest of the haul.

I’m really amped because this means that I can finally start the cardigan!

First Sweater
First Sweater

Yup. That cardigan from waaaay back when.

Most people are surprised and somewhat appalled that I’m the least bit superstitious. As a scientist, I’m supposed to be above that, but I’ll let you in on a secret. We are seriously superstitious when it comes to our projects both in and out of the lab. I think anyone who has made the mistake of starting a project without being completely certain they would have everything they needed at the exact stage isn’t making that mistake twice. So, that’s why I haven’t started yet.

Well that and the fact that I need a crochet hook. I did that on purpose though. I could have started the cardigan the minute I posted about it but I hadn’t plucked up the courage to walk into my local yarn shop, where I vowed to get the crochet hook for this project. Hooks and needles were on sale when I got the yarn haul but I held back, and when I ordered the yarn, I timed the shipment with my PT appointment, so I would be walking by said shop anyway. Now I’m out of excuses but I’m really excited! I want to start that sweater!!! 😀

I have not been idle this whole time though. There’s a reason for the cloth and scissors in the corner of the featured image and it oddly brings white into my craft space for the first time. Not for long though. There might be some dyeing involved but in the mean time, I’ve got to put those sewing scissors to work before the next post. Happy crafting!


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