Building a Different Kind of Yarn Stash

The Spouse: You’re going to need a lot more yarn…

Mg: You realize the yarn bin is full right?

The Spouse: Well you don’t want to run out for the Mood Scarf, so just go for it. I know you’ve been wanting to make a sweater too, just make sure to stock up enough.

That was last night and I am still sitting here in complete shock.

I’ve never really stocked up on yarn before and I was a bit scared. I haven’t been to a yarn shop since I bought stuff for the Mood Scarf – and when I did, I made sure The Spouse had my wallet. It’s not an impulse control thing – well, only like 20%, really – or that The Spouse has anything against my having a yarn, we just had to set a limit for the amount of yarn I could have given our 500 square foot place becoming a bit smaller when we discovered our closed was moldy. Thus, “my yarn stash” is limited to whatever I can fit in this water proof bin.

The Bin

I use the quotes because this isn’t actually a stash and it’s not exactly mine.

As I mentioned in another post, former knitter’s needles and especially their yarn just end up here. I don’t even know exactly how the weird black-pink-orange-purple yarn  got here but I felt oddly compelled to keep it. Running my fingers through it I heard something tell me that I’m going to need it and I’ve learned to listen to that voice.

First Yarn. (Yes, it was the late 80's.)
First Yarn. (Yes, it was the late 80’s.)

Above is the very first yarn I ever bought and learned to cross stitch, crochet and almost learned to knit with when I was a kid. I tried to get rid of it every time we moved but I could never manage it. And I am so glad I didn’t.

It was all I had on hand when I decided to pick up a crochet hook again as an adult and it became my practice yarn when I started to teach myself to knit. It’s tied up packages (I wrap my gifts in brown paper) and became dish cloths when we ran out of sponges.

I reminded The Spouse of this when we ended up getting a smaller bin than the one I wanted but she made the excellent point, that if I had a bigger bin, then I would feel obligated to keep even more yarn from people who quit knitting, that though nice, is almost always in colors I would never buy for myself.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t buy yarn. I do so when I want to make a gift and nothing in the bin suits the project. But this meant that I never actually had to store said yarn: I purchased the exact quantity I needed and knit/crocheted it immediately. The Spouse pointed this out during our conversation yesterday. She also told me that she noticed how happy I was working with the Mood Scarf yarn and that she knew that even if I didn’t need more for the scarf itself, that I wouldn’t really need to store it for long. She’s right. (Well she pretty much always is, so I’ve learned to listen to her sage words also.) I have about 8 projects on my Ravelry queue alone that would be perfect with this yarn.

But I digress.

This whole situation had made me re-think the way I shop for yarn because let’s face it: there is too much gorgeous yarn, and it all calls to me.

I was thinking about getting yarn the same way I shop for anything: I make a list.

When it comes to food, that’s pretty standard, but I do it for clothes and books as well. The list doesn’t have to be specific, for instance, I have “Minerology book with pictures” on my book list. I also have “2 long sleeved shirts,” and when I come across the perfect button up/long sleeved t-shirt, I’ll know and get it. As I want to knit my first pair of socks, Sock Yarn goes on the list.

In this particular case, the flax colored yarn I’m using for “Distressed” on the Mood Scarf is perfect for socks, so I’ll add the yardage I need to what I’m getting for the scarf.

The list for my next shopping adventure looks like this:

Sweater : 400 g fingerling weight black yarn = 8 black skeins + 1 white

Mood Scarf: 6 skeins, one for each of the moods

Socks: 462 yrds, 100g

I couldn’t be more excited! This Stream-lined Yarn Stash is going to be life changing! I’ll get to build a stash of my own featuring my go-to yarn, and I’ll be all set to knit the next three projects in my list, all without said yarn taking over our apartment. Sweeet!


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