A Disagreement with Yarn

I had the most difficult time picking up the Sweet November Shawl  this week.

Granted, I did take it everywhere with me in case there was any waiting involved, but it remained in my messenger bag and I felt horribly guilty. I didn’t want to give up. I wanted to prove to myself that I could conquer patterns – and while I knew I had this one down and still really liked it, I hadn’t been able to finish the shawl. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was on my way to completely hating this project until I came across Introverted Knitter’s post: Swing and a Miss.

It was brilliant.

After reading it I was even more certain that this blue shimmery stuff really doesn’t want to be a shawl and this whole thing is about the yarn and I having a disagreement. It makes so much sense! When I opened my x-mas gift from mom and pulled this out, I immediately knew it as a cowl-like scarf with buttons – something like the one shown below – but months later I chose it to make the Sweet November Shawl for some reason. I should have listened.

It’s a scarf not a shawl. Got it.

I feel less like a complete idiot who can’t complete her first patterned project, and more like someone who just misread the situation. So, I’ll wind this yarn up for another time and go find another kind of yarn, something that drapes a bit better and more importantly, that wants to become this shawl. Fortunately for me, I’m about to go yarn shopping 😀


14 thoughts on “A Disagreement with Yarn

  1. I’m going through this right now. I have a sock I am knitting for the first time using four double pointed needles and its just annoying the world out of me! The yarn is unruly, and it is holding me back! Now I’ll see to it that I switch yarns, to sock yarn this time round… duh. Thanks for the insight, Hannah


    1. Nooooo! I’m sorry you’re dealing with that. Yarn isn’t always obvious – I think some times the stars align and you can use whatever you want to make a project (I’ve seen socks made out of non sock yarn) but other times, yarn has a mind of it’s own. I’ve never made socks and am excited to see how yours turn out 🙂

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      1. yes yes yes! This was a perfect read, and the free patterns, well, free stuff! I am going to be daring today and sort out the yarn mess. A pair of socks will be born! Thanks for your investigative work, detective.

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        1. Hurray for socks!!!! I’m excited to see how they turn out! Let me know when you’re ready to knit another pair and maybe we can do a knit-along thing. It will be a great excuse for me to *have to* start on socks 🙂


              1. Great. The race is on! – wait, sorry, it’s not a race. My friend is always telling me craft is not a competition!


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