It was bound to happen…

There seems to be a hierarchy in stitching.

First, there is a scarf/blanket, then a hat, then socks.

Successfully completing these projects proves that you are then ready to take on the holy grail of stitching: a sweater.

Not that you have to go in any particular order – usually, by this time, you’ve got technique down and have figured out how to use a pattern which are important steps in attempting the very daunting First Sweater. I’m not exactly there yet. Granted, I’ve made a couple of hats successfully but patterns are still a new thing and I have never made socks…

That said, when I came across this sweater, I knew I was going to make it. To my complete surprise, when I bought the pattern, I found out this was crochet. I was a bit disappointed but also somewhat relieved.

While I never learned to knit as a kid, crochet was something I had down and it came back fairly easily when I decided to start making things again. Then I read further down and realized that I didn’t know the names of any of the stitches or what any of the abbreviations in the pattern meant.

I’m still going to make this sweater – well minus that flower thing – that’s getting replaced with a skull or a Periodic Table element, I’ll leave you to guess which one 😉

Now to finish that shawl! The update on that, is that I had to start over when my yarn snapped suddenly. It’s not a huge deal, rather, it’s an opportunity. I’ve cast on again with size 11 needles and it’s looking pretty good!

However I do have to finish it since I have a three project limit for the sake of The Spouse’s sanity. Technically, the Mood Scarf doesn’t count but I know someone in this house has been eying the Black Sheep Skully I started a while back and would be stoked to get it as an anniversary present in October.


3 thoughts on “It was bound to happen…

  1. I would suggest looking into how to do a Russian Join, it’s really easy and smoothly joins yarn together and I use it in crochet and knitting. I usually use it when I’m at the end of a skein, but it’s really useful if you have your yarn snap on you, and then you don’t need to start knitting projects over.
    And good luck when you do start on the sweater. I’ve been looking into making one myself for a while and have never gotten around to it yet. Oh and socks are pretty easy once you get past the first couple rows (at least I think so). So good luck!


    1. Good call, thank you! I need a better way to join yarn because the edges of my Mood Scarf are starting to look a bit scruffy but anything that keeps me from having to start over is pure gold!
      And thank you for the luck – I need all that I can get 🙂 For some weird reason, sweaters scare me less than socks but I vow to start a pair once the skully is complete. I actually love double pointed knitting, so maybe I can get over my fear of socks?

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