Wax On, Wax Off: From Angst-Ridden Tangles to Mediation

I’ve started this shawl so many times that it’s been rechristened from “The Sweet November Shawl” to “The Meditation.”

First attempt and final frontier... (this is just the cast on)
First attempt and final frontier… (this is just the cast on)
As of Monday, I’m about ten rows further and it hasn’t caught on fire!

The first five or so times made sense.

First, I switched yarns. It turns out “Worseted weight” can mean different things in different countries and the green yarn I went with was too coarse.

Then there was the fact that I was learning new techniques and wasn’t quite sure how to fix mistakes when I discovered them several stitches later, so I’d start again.

And finally, something magical happened: I got it.

I understood the pattern and my technique became solid to the extent when my hands felt something was wrong before I could catch it with my eyes.

Aaaand then the entire project fell off  my needles when I put it back in it’s bag during my commute home. That happened two more times so that I ended up with a tangled mess and some loose stitch markers. I’ve gotten very Zen about this, and by that I mean that there are no more curse words or tears.

Now…. I don’t want to jinx myself by saying I’m well on my way… but this time, I think I can finish it – maybe even today! I’ve made it past 51 (out of 175) stitches and it’s starting to look like something – I’m not sure whether it will turn out the way I want, but I’m determined to see my first knitting pattern through.

Below are the yarns I started off with, all “Worsted weight” but all different. I chose the green one on the right for the first couple of attempts, then switched to the blue one on the left. While I love this yarn for the way the color changes depending on the light and background, it turned out to be a pain to photograph. So I’m including this shot again for contrast.

There can be only one....
There can be only one….

2 thoughts on “Wax On, Wax Off: From Angst-Ridden Tangles to Mediation

  1. Kind of a late comment, but part of the difference you might have seen between the worsted weight yarns might be due to the fibre content, and therefore the way it’s spun, too. I’m guessing from the look of them that some of those yarns might be different fibres, or blended with different fibres?

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    1. Not late at all! I’m still new to fibers and am still trying to figure it out so any advice, thoughts, and/or help is very much welcome.

      I like your theory of fiber content. I know the blue one I ended up with is acrylic but the other two are a mystery. I inherit yarn from friends and some times friends of friends who tried their hand at knitting and quit. It’s nice but they often don’t come with labels. Going by feel, I think you’re absolutely right about them being different materials but as far as how them being spun effects that, I don’t know…


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