A Blast from the Past

This morning I found this….

I started this hat a little over two years ago and stopped a year later when I had to re-start it for the third time. I’ve made hats before and they turned out great, but this one just wasn’t shaping up the way I wanted it to.So I took a break of sorts.

Then other projects – trades and gifts for other people- came and I forgot about it. This is the kind of thing I meant when I said that I was terrible about knitting things for myself, if it had been for anyone else, I would have prioritized it and it would have been long finished – even if that meant rethinking the design. I’m a perfectionist and the way that the ribbing looked when I started to decrease was too jarring. Also, no matter what I did, it seemed to look lop-sided… I didn’t know how to consult a pattern, so I just stopped.

But that ends now!

When I started the Sweet November Shawl, it was as scary as I imagined.

Think wanting to make a curry, but having to look up each cooking technique involved as you go, from chopping to figuring out the difference between ‘rolling boil’ and ‘simmer’.

That said, I got through the Cast On process and into the first five rows of the shawl, stitch markers and all (I’ll save that adventure for another post). Then I put it down before it caught on fire or something equally crazy happened but I was inspired!

I went on line and looked up a bunch of hat patterns with ribbing. They didn’t make more sense than they used to but I figured out that if I want this hat to fit, It has to be another inch or so longer before I start decreasing. I still don’t know how I’m going to do that without messing up the ribbing – or if I have to start over again but the scully not only feels possible, I feel compelled to finish it!


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