Skill Level: Intermediate or Adventurous Beginner

This project moved to the front of the line after I read that description. It’s gorgeous, so I want to create this exact thing and thus, be forced, at long last, to learn to read patterns.


Thus far, I’ve gotten by on intuition, trial and error, and a whole lot of luck when it comes to knitting. Part of that was because I approached learning to knit the same way I taught myself to cook. As far as scarves and some hats are concerned, that works just fine. There are also projects out there, where I can kind of figure out by looking at the picture long enough and then kinda faking my way through.

However, the “Sweet November Knit Shawl” by Carly Pierre looks complicated enough that I have to stick to the pattern but easy enough that it doesn’t seem insurmountable. I came across SpiderWomanKnits’s image on Pinterest when I was brainstorming to figure out what my style is (a whole other project), followed the link to Ravelry and much to my delight, the pattern was free! Now that the Mood Scarf is well underway (1 week tomorrow!), it’s time to get to the other goals and more importantly, a project that I can knit to my heart’s content.

After raiding my yarn stash, I narrowed it down to the three colors below.

There can be only one....
There can be only one….

Didn’t see that coming, did you? I seriously love color but do it a bit differently. Most of the time, I wear neutrals (dark blues, greys, black – think New York City in winter) against which one color pops and that’s what this piece is about. The Olive/Army-ish Green on the right is almost a neutral but I love it and haven’t figured out what else to do with this lovely yarn.

Does anyone have any thoughts? preferences? seriously strong feelings? I’m totally open to suggestions 🙂


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