Mood Scarf Rules

My scarf started before I’d had the chance to even assign colors to the different moods, let alone figured out how it would work. (I didn’t know that was possible either.)

The Jem Weston Mood Scarf had 2 rows/day with one color and with a certain pattern, that I decided was still a bit beyond me. Also before I knew it, I had three rows of “stockingette stitch” on that Weird first day. Thus, the next afternoon, I ironed out the *all* details.

1. Emotions

I decided to narrow it down to five emotions so I could eliminate black from my color scheme and free my brain from obvious color choices. (If black -one of my favorite colors- would inevitably mark my “black moods” then blue -another favorite- would indicate sad days and that just seemed lame. Especially because I’d be inclined to find the negatives in each day so I could knit with said colors.)

Joy: excited, happy, creative, tender, high energy

Copacetic: productive, chill, peaceful and generally content

Weird: de-javu, strange, mind-blown, indecisive, all-over-the-place

Distressed: anxious, upset, stressed, fight-or-flight and generally tense

Dejected: blah, sad, under-the-weather, low energy

2. Color Scheme

I hit this one with a double-blind selection. I had the spouse number the emotions 1-4 (I’d already selected that the multi-colored skein was going to be “Weird”) without telling me which had which number. I put the yarn in a drawer, then wrote numbers 1-5 on pieces of paper, folded them and put them in a bowl. I shook up the bowl, selected a number and had the spouse pick  out a skein. Here’s what we ended up with. Mood Scarf Palette I’m really pleased with how this turned out! Especially because that the calm, earthy Flax means Distressed. And don’t worry, the brown in the Weird yarn doesn’t look anything like the brown for Dejected. The Weird has this blue thread running through the whole yarn and that makes it a bit more grey than Dejected.

3. The Method

Day 1 I cast on 60 stitches and went with three rows of Stockinette stitch (I just leaned that this is what it’s called when you knit one side but purl the other), so I decided to continue.

Until Day 3. Yesterday started off as a mess but I turned the day around and so in the evening, I turned the knitting around as well!  I’ve decided to stick with that. Technically, yesterday should have been that Flax color at the far right but after a cup of tea at 2pm I shook off my funk and became super productive, so that worked out to Copacetic. Impromptu Date Night and a creative burst had me knitting in a row of Charcoal at the end. This is what the scarf looks like thus far:

After Day 3
After Day 3
Close up. (It measures 0.5 inches /1.27cm from cast on stitches to needle.)

Knitting Rules:
3 Rows/Day, each row can be a different color depending on how the day evolved. I’ll knit in stockinette stitch but each new day will start with Knit. If I’ve turned my day around, then I’ll start on Purl.

Hopefully I can figure out the best light to take pictures as the project progresses  🙂 Right now the Blue and the Charcoal are hard to differentiate, which is sad because they look awesome together.

Three days of knitting measures about half an inch, so I’m looking at about 5 feet by the end of the year if my math is correct! So I’m no longer worried about it being long enough, nor am I worried about finding some new stitch. This scarf is all about the colors, and my next project has that part of my goal covered.

-And yes, I have to start another project, STAT! I like working on this scarf too much and need something to tide me over until I can knit the next three rows! It is still a bit weird to knit with these needles. Whoever they belonged to knit with a lot of tension and possibly didn’t like purling. At first I thought they might have been learning, but who learns on size 3 needles? I’m both curious and slightly creeped out but the more I knit with them, the more they feel like mine.


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