Sooo, you still knit right…? (A Mood Scarf Update)

The Mood Scarf is go!

So much for waiting for my birthday. Originally, I’d planned to knit my 37th year but as I was putting the yarn away, I got curious. You see, I’ve never knit with anything so fine – literally. This is “super fine” 50% Merino, 25% bamboo and 25% nylon and I’m used to 100% acrylic stuff that’s a 4. I wasn’t sure what all that meant, but was pretty certain I wouldn’t want to use size 7 needles. As I read the label on yarn for the first time ever, I realized that I might have to shop for needles for this project until I remembered the fateful words:

“Soooo, you still knit right…?”

And that is when the day went from ordinary to out-right weird.

Last December, I ended up with a huge bag full of every kind of knitting needle imaginable. Someone(s?) had donated them to an after school program, which then donated them to an organization where my sister worked and when it came time to find them a new home, she naturally thought of my mom and I. My mom is pretty sensible and took a couple of sets and then I ended up with this.


I took some out so that it would look a bit less chaotic, but it didn’t do a lot of good. I’d never seen such a big mess of needles – ever. I’m a bit meticulous when it comes to my knitting stuff and even thought I don’t have a special needle case,  this is more what I’m used to.

Knitting gear before.
Knitting gear before.

Yup, almost all bamboo (don’t hate on me, most of them were inherited/gifts) and all well over size 7. But today, I needed some size 3 needles and that meant going through the chaos at long last. The big pile of needles did not disappoint. Here is my haul.


The ones on the far right are a size 0?! I didn’t even know they had those!

Why wait so long, you may wonder? Well, the first time I opened this big box of needles, there was a weird vibe. I naturally assumed that it was my horror at getting stuck with dealing with said mess, so I stashed the box in our closet so that I could deal with it when I was in a better mood.

But I was wrong. Opening this box up again resulted in the same eerie feeling from before. As if I was going through someone else’s things. Some of these had been well loved by someone/s and as I sorted through them I saw the patterns that helped me identify which sets belonged to/had been used by the same person. One of these included the size 3 needles I wanted for my Mood Scarf and I felt a bit guilty taking them.

When I first took up knitting again about five(?) years ago, I learned that people are very particular, to the point of being somewhat hostile (the clerk and the yarn store shall remain nameless), about the material of their needles. If you look at the second picture, you’ll see the pair of blue metal needles I leaned to knit on as a kid. They mysteriously vanished from my mom’s house when I moved out but more for sentimental reasons. The needles are bent and seemed to work best for my mom. When I started to knit as an adult, it was on a pair of size 10 bamboo needles and there was no going back. I’m sure they’re shaped to my way of knitting, at least a bit, but it felt like a clean start and almost immediately made knitting easier. I felt I’d nailed purling and had an excellent rhythm – until today.

Not because I’m being a snob about the material but because I was working with someone else’s needles and she definitely knitted really differently.

Weird kicks off the Mood Scarf.
Weird kicks off the Mood Scarf.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the needle that the stitches are on is a bit bent, so working with it felt a little like wearing a second-hand pair of boots: shaped by their previous owner.

The process of going through all those needles, organizing them, sending off a few e-mails to find them homes and then putting my haul away was, well, just weird. I felt seriously productive and organized but also like I was sorting out the belongings of someone who passed away…

Thus, the Mood Scarf begins on a day that can only be summed up as: Weird. Good thing I had a skein picked out for that!

And now, to sort out the other colors…

Right now I’m thinking that black will either be “Neutral” or that I’ll take it out. I love the color too much for it to end up describing my “dark moods”.


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