Mood (Ring) Scarf: Or how 1 project turned into 3

A while back some of my Twitter friends and I discovered that we shared the same guilty secret: we own all the yarn. Granted, I lost some craft cred when I owned up to not having even a tenth of what these folks have – a student budget and a minimalist style inspired by my tiny apartment keeps me honest… mostly. I do have a weakness for yarn but I’ve gotten about half of what I own when friends or friends-of-friends decide to take up knitting, stock up and promptly quit with the thought: “Hey, Maggie’s always knitting, I’ll just give her all this stuff in exchange for her making that hat for my kid.” I have yet to say no. It was at that point that I realized, I’ve never really made anything for myself and immediately resolved to:

  • Learn another stitch. I stumbled onto knitting a couple of years ago and managed to get on pretty well with just knit and purl, so it’s time to up my game.
  • Work with higher quality yarn to make something nice for myself.
  • Take on a long term project.

Cue the Mood Scarf. I found out about it via a Buzzfeed article and traced it back all the way to the lovely Jem Weston’s link above. I’m pretty late to that party, but after checking out some of the other bloggers doing the Knit-Along, I couldn’t resist.  I was also inspired to write about my mis/adventures in this blog. So that’s two projects for those of you keeping track. The third project came along from a creative impasse. At first I was inspired to make a Mood Ring Scarf, inspired by a mood ring I had in Middle School. I looked up the key in a likely color scheme and came up with this. moodring However once I got to the shop, I had a hard time finding the colors in the shades, material and weight I wanted. And then my inner critic drawled out “With all those colors what could possibly go wrong? So, I put the few colors that I found back and just went with yarn that caught my eye as I thought about something a bit more formal, that I could, say, wear to an interview and that became project #3.

Mood Scarf Palette
Mood Scarf Palette

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Maggs, you just picked up six different shades of Depressed,” but don’t click away in horror yet! First, the picture doesn’t do the yarn much justice – I still need to figure lighting and stuff like that. For instnance, the top left skein is this really gorgeous gun metal blue and the brown yarn is a bit more chocolatey than shown above. Also, this way, the Mood Scarf is a bit more… personal, for lack of a better word. It wont’ be entirely obvious which color means a good day, for example. The flip side to that is now having to decide which color I use for each emotion. Here are the ones I went with:

  • Joy: happy, creative, tender, excited
  • Copacetic: productive, satisfied, chill
  • Neutral: “it is what it is”
  • Weird: not good, or bad, just random.
  • Dejected: sadness, low energy, under the weather
  • Distressed: anxiety, stressed, pain

That multi-colored yarn up there definitely claims “Weird,” but I’m not sure about the other ones… I know this is my first post, but if anyone is reading, I’d love some feedback! Not to worry, I haven’t abandoned the original Mood Ring inspiration. I’ll get some heavier weight, less fancy yarn for that and I’ll make sure I get on it as soon as this first scarf is done.


4 thoughts on “Mood (Ring) Scarf: Or how 1 project turned into 3

    1. Kind of…. I did keep writing my colors for the day this whole time but given the repetition and that it was actually getting ridiculously long, I decided to knit 9 rows per month for September=December and start a new in 2016. I’ll try to post an update at the end of this month.

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